2012 Olympian Alysia Montaño Joins The ElliptiGO Project

Four-Time US 800m National Champion Becomes First Middle-Distance Project Member

San Diego, CA (February 1, 2013) – The ElliptiGO Project, a group of elite athletes focused on using innovative training tools and techniques to improve performance, today announced that 2012 Olympian Alysia Montaño has joined the Project. An 800-meter specialist, Montaño is a four-time National Champion in the event and took 5th place in the 800 meter finals at the London Olympics this past summer. Montaño began training on the ElliptiGO in early 2012 and has joined the Project to better leverage the expertise of the Project’s other members and advisors.

A lifelong runner, Montaño picked a notoriously difficult event to specialize in. “In the track world, the 800 meters is considered to be the longest sprint,” stated Montaño. “To succeed you have to find the perfect balance of both anaerobic and aerobic fitness. In competition, the race is long enough that pace is important, but short enough that there’s no time for fear. So you just have to be fearless.”

Her fearless attitude and intense determination are what has driven her to excel in such a difficult event and lead her to four National titles, a World Indoor Bronze Medal, and the finals of the 800 meters at the 2012 Olympics in London. Making the Olympic team this past year was a lifelong goal of hers and an achievement made even sweeter for her because she missed her first chance to make the team in 2008.

During the 2008 season she was plagued by pain in her foot. But with no diagnosable injury, she was unwilling to give up on her Olympic dream. That summer, Montaño attempted to race at the Trials but her foot gave out and she was taken off the field in a wheelchair. Not only did she miss making the team, but it took an entire year of recovery and healing before she would make her re-entry into the sport. When she did return to major competition in 2010, however, she came back stronger and faster than ever, setting her personal best time of 1:57:34 and capturing another National title.

Montaño also came back with a new commitment to balance in both her life and in her training. “I believe in a whole lot of hard work, coupled with a whole lot of play. Be happy. Run happy.” The ElliptiGO is one way she has incorporated balance and fun into her training, as it allows her to get the cardiovascular workout she needs without risking impact-related injuries that could sideline her again. She uses it three to four times a week in place of a second workout and as an active recovery tool.

“Alysia is a very determined athlete who is consistently integrating the ElliptiGO into her training in order to keep herself healthy,” stated Adam Goucher, Advisor for The ElliptiGO Project. “She’s getting the aerobic training she needs for a high-intensity event like the 800 meters, while sparing her body and hopefully preventing her previous injury from making a reappearance. We’re excited to see how she progresses over the next few years and want to help her achieve her goal of making another Olympic team.”

Goucher, an Olympian and eight-time National champion himself, has been using the ElliptiGO for two years now and is one of the advisors for The ElliptiGO Project. His role is to work with the other members of The Project to help them best incorporate the ElliptiGO into their training to improve their performance.

As the newest member of the Project, Montano joins an elite group of runners, including:

·Meb Keflezighi, 2-Time Olympic Marathoner and Silver Medalist

·Adam Goucher, 2000 US Olympic 5,000-meter runner

·Lauren Fleshman, 2-Time US National Champion in 5,000 meters

·Julie Culley, 2012 US Olympic 5,000-meter runner

·Dean Karnazes, Badwater Ultramarathon winner

·Magdalena Lewy Boulet, 2008 US Olympic Marathoner

·Chelsea Reilly, 2012 US Road 10K Champion

·Neely Spence, 8-time NCAA Div. II National Champion

·Josh Cox, 50K US Record Holder

To join the Project, elite athletes are required to have an inspiring running-related goal that they want to accomplish in the next two years and want to authentically integrate new training tools and techniques in order to help them achieve their goal. In addition, athletes must be willing to share their training and results with other members of the Project. Each athlete will use tools like the ElliptiGO in a slightly different way, so a major benefit to the team members is being able to communicate with each other and learn new ways to incorporate these devices into their own workout regimens.

The Project is currently recruiting elite athletes with ambitious goals who are interested in exploring innovative new ways of getting faster and staying healthy.For more information about The ElliptiGO Project, visit the website at www.theelliptigoproject.com.

About The ElliptiGO Project
The ElliptiGO Project exists to make runners faster through innovation.It is currently growing membership, adding new innovative running tools, and affiliating with other organizations that share the same goal of improving athletes’ performance through innovation.The Project tests new training techniques through competition, both on the track and on the road, and reports its findings with candor.www.theelliptigoproject.com

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