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SportsArt Fitness Launches New Dealer Market-Building Software

Leading Fitness Equipment Manufacturer SportsArt SportsArt Fitness is launching a new dealer market-building strategy utilizing Reshare® Corporation’s patented Distribution Relationship Management® software.

WOODINVILLE, WA - Terry Brown, President of SportsArt Fitness, unveiled a new business plan that focuses on empowering Dealers to build their market size and geographic reach through relationship-building and profit-sharing strategies using the Internet.

Every day more consumers are utilizing the internet in search of information and to shop online. On-line sales are expected to exceed 13% of GNP by 2010 according to leading analyst Forrester Research. Consumers are demanding a direct relationship with manufacturers. However, SportsArt Fitness does not want to sell products direct to consumers or compete with its valuable Dealer network. “Our Dealers are our partners and allies. We are absolutely committed to their success and are continually looking for ways to make our products more lucrative for them” says Terry Brown.

“A newly designed eCommerce website will launch later this summer at”, Brown continues.” The site utilizes Reshare Corporation's patented Distribution Relationship Management® software to ensure equitable treatment of our distribution channel. Reshare's software allows SportsArt to sell online directly to consumers on behalf of our Dealers, giving Dealers another tool to sell our products and maximize their profits. Consumers will be able to select and purchase the product they want from our entire product line and choose their preferred Dealer for local service, support, delivery and setup. Although the transaction occurs at the SportsArt website, profits attributable to the sale are distributed by Reshare's software just as if it was an in-store sale. This structure provides substantial benefits for the consumer, our Dealers and us when compared to any other internet sales model.”

This initiative is being unveiled at the Health and Fitness Business Expo August 3- 5 in Denver, CO. In addition to paying Dealers for online sales of SportsArt equipment at our website, they will reward Fitness Store Salespeople with as much as $200 per item, where they are responsible for recommending SportsArt product to the consumer. “We want to show our gratitude to Retail Salespeople for their loyalty and support of our brand, and are taking this unusual step and putting our money where our mouth is” said Ken Carpenter, SportsArt's National Sales Manager.

Earlier this summer, a blind survey of Fitness Dealers was undertaken where over 87% were “extremely enthusiastic” about Reshare's solution, said Tom Schaefer, Market Analyst, Reshare Corporation. SportsArt Fitness is the first of several Fitness Equipment Manufacturer to use Reshare's solution. “We always applaud industry leaders and innovators like SportsArt for taking a leadership role” said Adam Southam, Reshare's Chairman/CEO.

Consumer demand for fitness equipment online is increasing steadily. The Wall Street Journal Reports that size of product doesn't matter anymore in online purchase. In fact, Sears, Cabela's, and Wal-Mart now report selling hefty items like treadmills, log cabins and mattresses on their websites. Total revenue from online sales of large items, including furniture, appliances, and other equipment rose 34% during last pre-holiday period from a year earlier.

About SportsArt
SportsArt Fitness is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality cardiovascular fitness equipment for home and commercial use. SportsArt retains control over every aspect of component design and the overall manufacturing process ensuring proper integration, maximum performance and longer product life. In addition to TUV ISO 9001/9002 quality certifications, SportsArt Fitness products have garnered numerous awards from top-flight media outlets including Men's Journal, Health Magazine and Men's Health among others. For more information on the SportsArt Fitness brand and their latest products visit us on the web at

About Reshare
Reshare® is the leading Distribution Relationship Management® software and strategy company with the only patented channel management solution that enables brand owners to sell online directly to end users without circumventing valuable channel partners. With over 20 years of online experience across a multitude of industries Reshare® offers software and strategies that resolve channel conflicts, guarantees complete brand control and enhances relationships between channel partners and end users. This translates to increased revenues, market share and profitability. Their strategies for the Furniture & Lighting Industries is focused around making the entire breadth of manufacturer products available to consumers through their preferred Dealer, protecting brand value, reducing customer defection, increasing customer service and enticing new customers to buy. Visit Reshare at
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