Spenco Unveils New Product Categories For Its Spring 2007 Line

Spenco Medical Corporation, producer of leading insole products, is restructuring its product line into categories differentiated by specific end uses. Spenco will present its Spring 2007 products at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show.

Waco, TX – Spenco Medical Corporation, producer of leading insole products, is restructuring its product line into categories differentiated by specific end uses. For active performance activities, Spenco offers the PolySorb® line, and for casual use and everyday comfort, Spenco introduces a new Gel line. Spenco will present its Spring 2007 products at the forthcoming Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in Salt Lake City, UT, and World Shoes Accessories show in Las Vegas, NV.

“This new approach will allow consumers to make the right purchasing decision more easily, and our retailers to better assist them in matching the correct product with the buyers needs,” said Blake Boulden, Spenco Director of Research and Development. “Each category now has a clear purpose allowing users to select an insole based on their activity and the level of comfort and support they need.”

Highlights of the new Spenco categories and products for 2007 are as follows:

PolySorb® line – “For Athletic Performance”
Constructed with lightweight polyurethane foam, the Spenco® PolySorb® line offers maximum cushioning and total support for athlete's needs.

For runners, Spenco is introducing the PolySorb® Total Support insole that provides support, stability and cushioning. The foundation of the Total Support system is a PolySorb® Support Cradle, which provides an advanced arch support and deep heel cupping. It also uses Spenco's patented 3-POD™ Cushioning System that absorbs shocks and helps prevent over pronation, the leading cause of common running injuries. The PolySorb® Total Support insoles are heat moldable for a customized fit and provide maximum support for greater performance. The insoles will be available in sizes ranging from youth/men's sizes 6-15 and women's sizes 3-12.

For the first time, Spenco is introducing an insole specifically for active kids and their growing feet. The PolySorb® Kids Insoles are designed with Memory Foam Technology, which automatically adjusts to the shape of the foot to provide customized cushioning, support and comfort. With the ever changing sizes and shapes of kids' feet, this technology will allow them to make their favorite pair of shoes last longer. The insoles are constructed with an antimicrobial top cloth that helps eliminate odor and reduces friction. A layer of closed-cell Nitrogen-injected Spenco® material absorbs shock and impact to provide maximum comfort. Other features include extra forefoot cushioning and a gel heel plug for additional comfort. The PolySorb® Kids Insoles will be available in kids' sizes from 3 to 8.

Spenco® Gel Products – “For Every Day Comfort”
The Spenco® Gel products provide outstanding cushioning for casual and every day comfort. Each product is made with Spenco's proprietary Spenco® TPR Gel, which provides superior energy return and incorporates multi-density gel for maximum support and cushioning. This category features several gel products that keep feet energized for lasting comfort.

Spenco® Gel Insole is the most advanced triple-density gel insole on the market designed to absorb shock and provide support where feet need it most. A stability cradle supports the arch and heel for greater comfort and makes it easier to slide the insole in the shoe. The Spenco® Gel Insole also features a metatarsal arch support that relieves pressure from the ball of the foot, while a softer gel in the heel absorbs the impact at heel strike. The insole will come in youth/men's sizes 6-15 and women's sizes 3-12.

Spenco® offers new Gel Heel Cup with improved reinforcement in the heel to provide extra cushioning and support. Spenco® Gel Heel Cups also have an anatomical cushioning system with triple-density gel for added cushioning in the heel. They will be available in two sizes small/medium (women's 5-8 and men's 6-7) and medium/large (women's 9-12 & men's 8-15).

Spenco® Gel Heel Cushions provide superior cushioning and energy return for ultimate comfort. Spenco® GelKid™ Heel Cushions are designed for active kids' feet and offer extra cushioning and comfort in the heel. Both products have an anatomical cushioning system with dual-density gel and a Slip-Resist™ design to keep the heel cushions in place. Each model will be available in one size that fits all.

All Spenco® products have a one-year unconditional guarantee.

Spenco Medical Corporation was founded in 1967 by Dr. Wayman Spence, a renowned foot care specialist. For 40 years, Spenco Medical Corporation has focused on innovative product development and superior service to differentiate itself in the outdoor, sports, foot care and medical markets.



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