Sea Bags makes waves with debut of new boardshort

Sea Bags, Maine based designers and manufactures of hand made items from recycled sails, proudly announces the launch of their new up-cycled boardshorts onto the coastal fashion scene.
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From their workshop in the historic Old Port of Portland, Maine, Sea Bags hand selects key materials in the boardshorts from authentic vintage sails. Sailcloth with original markings and signs of hard sailing, grommets that tie the rigging and tell-tails, which indicate wind direction, ensure that no two trunks are alike.

Sea Bags boardshorts blend sailcloth from Sea Bags' sailing archive with lightweight, quick-dry nylon – the standard for the world's best surf trunks. The hand picked Dacron sailcloth features classic nautical colors and vintage markings.

The thoughtful detail on the Velcro, lace-up fly provides a low-profile enclosure which helps eliminate surfboard chafe. And in a truly unique nautical twist, Sea Bags board shorts featuring sailing “tell-tails” on the side pocket of every pair.

Sea Bags board shorts are available in two styles: Scuttlebutt (17 inch length), and Cat Head (19 inch length). Sizes range from 30- to 40-inch waists. And available colors include red, blue, black or green (MSRP $98).

About Seabags:
Sailed around the world – Recycled in Maine. Founded in 1999, Sea Bags began by making fun, functional and stylish totes from reclaimed sailcloth in the historic Old Port district of Portland, Maine. Today, the company makes a diverse line of totes, bags, boardshorts and household items, all of which feature material from sails that were actively used in the past. The use of 100% reclaimed sailcloth is unique to Sea Bags. Signs of hard sailing can be seen in every Sea Bags creation, making them as individual and unique as their owner. To learn more about Sea Bags and the stories their sails tell, please go to or visit them at 25 Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine or at their flagship store in Freeport Maine.

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