Ritchey Design Hires Senior Marketing Coordinator, Angelo DiGiovine

DiGiovine brings 10 years of marketing experience and 12 years of road racing experience to the Ritchey Design team

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – June 17, 2009 – Today Ritchey Design announced that Angelo DiGiovine has joined the company as its senior marketing coordinator. DiGiovine, former director of advertising solutions and partner relations at Sportgenic Inc., will work with the Ritchey Team based out of the company's sales and marketing office in San Carlos, Calif.

“Angelo comes to us with a wealth of experience in brand development and has strong skills in the social media segment,” said Steve Parke, general manager of Ritchey Design. “His decade of marketing experience combined with his road racing background will help us deepen Ritchey's involvement in social media and further develop the brand in the online arena.”

Most recently DiGiovine worked with Sportgenic, Inc., where he created and managed a major public relations and marketing effort for the Sportgenic/Squadra Ovest Cycling Team sponsorship. While with Sportgenic, DiGiovine also executed a multi-medium proposal for a major wireless provider campaign. DiGiovine additionally provided a business strategy to help Sportgenic expand its services within the cycling and endurance verticals.

Before working at Sportgenic, DiGiovine was the digital branding and investment manager for GM Planworks. There he was responsible for a national digital branding investment across Chevy, Saturn, GM Corporate, Buick, OnStar, GM CUV and GM Credit Card divisions. DiGiovine also collaborated with partner agencies and client teams to conceptualize and execute multi-million dollar, cross-media programs while managing digital advertising campaigns and supervising a team of branding investors.

DiGiovine comes to Ritchey Design with as much cycling experience as marketing experience. When he is not Tweeting or blogging about his 12-year road racing career and life as a category 2 cyclist on a team in the San Francisco Bay Area, DiGiovine is managing the team's Twitter and blog accounts as its sponsorship manager.

“I am thrilled by this opportunity to be a marketing resource for a brand leader in the sport I love,” said DiGiovine. “My first set of clipless pedals were the old red Ritchey logics; now, after a decade in the cycling sport and marketing industry, I am ready help manage the Ritchey Design brand and reinforce its components' quality in both social and traditional media.”

About Ritchey Design, Inc.
Northern California-based Ritchey Design was founded by road racer, mountain bike pioneer and product innovator Tom Ritchey in 1974. The company is well-known for its technical merits through attention to detail during the product design phase, resulting in high-quality, reasonably priced road and mountain bike components. Under its Fit Logic philosophy, Ritchey Design offers a wide range of “cockpit” components (handlebars, stems and seatposts) that help riders custom fit their bikes for a more efficient and comfortable. Ritchey Design also offers a complete line of innovative products ranging from headsets to tires for professional racers and the serious weekend rider, as well as its line of “Break-Away” travel bicycles for traveling cyclists. For more information about Ritchey Design, please visit www.ritcheylogic.com.

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