B2B Wholesale Ecommerce Destination and Strategy the Key to Unlocking Growth for Brands

New research shows to grow their wholesale channel, brands need to address the needs of their retailers with a modern solution and strategy.

Envoy B2B’s independent research of over 1,200 retailers has better shed a light on the amount of growth happening in the specialty retail industry. It was found that 82% of specialty retailers have experienced growth over the past year.

However, 97% of retailers use more than 5 different B2B platforms each day. Things quickly become overly complicated for retailers as they are forced to work across multiple systems. Additionally, Envoy B2B was able to identify 5 other issues that retailers encountered while working with brands:

  1. Lack of supportive sales reps
  2. Problems with getting product ordered and delivered on time
  3. Lack of support in marketing to the community
  4. Lack of accurate visibility to inventory
  5. Lack of educational opportunities to learn about the product

Brands need to address these retailer challenges to partner with the 82% of specialty retailers experiencing growth.

With their latest release of V18, Envoy is providing an easy and simple platform to help brands grow through supporting their retailer channel. Through this they are enabling brands and reps to be more supportive with their assortments, allowing brands to easily provide beautiful showrooms for education, and providing simple payment options to replace running their business on exclusively terms.

“Making sure that reps and retailers are enabled with the tools they need is a key aspect to the success of their business,” explained Jon Faber, CEO and Founder of Envoy B2B. “By understanding these needs, we were able to launch our newest features of V18 with the focus on enabling brands to grow through easy-to-use assortments, showrooms, and pay now features.”

New Assortment Experience

With their all-new Assortment experience, reps have the power to tell a better story by putting retailers into a curated, educational, and shoppable experience - easily - with one assortment across many of their retailers. Reps can now easily build a custom digital presentation experience for their retailers, while curating a selection of products that can be shopped by buyers in a friendly D2C like experience. With these new features, reps can also visually merchandise a suggested cart for their retailer, who can then continue merchandising and easily checkout by creating an order from their cart.

Updated Showroom

V18 also features multiple Showrooms, and an easy-to-use tool for building new Showrooms.Multiple Showrooms enables brands to build many Showrooms, organized across tabs. Reps then have quick, easy access to multiple, focused Showrooms, built specifically to highlight seasons, key products, technologies, brand stories, and more.With the new Showroom builder tool, it is much easier and intuitive to create a new Showroom. Choose a layout, add assets, then rearrange the Showroom in a modern what-you-see-is-what-you-get process, right on the page. Brands can now quickly create Showrooms with distinct visual messaging.

Easy Pay Now Setup

PayNow features are also available to reps that increase the flexibility for brands to bring on new retailers and sell to them right away. PayNow eliminates time-to-cash, and reduces risk on future orders by requiring Pay now on future catalogs for specific accounts, and move accounts that violate their payment terms to Pay now. Overall, this means they will have a quicker time to cash and more flexibility to sell to different types of retailers.

“Our company went through several B2B platforms in order to make things more efficient for our reps, and even then, we weren’t able to get everything we were looking for,” stated Grant Mahan, Head of Sales and Operations at Sunski Sunglasses. “It wasn’t until we started looking at Envoy B2B that we realized they made it easy for our buyers and retailers without overcomplicating everything. Envoy was a fresh and modern B2B platform. They weren’t like the others that were stuck in the past.”

“With V18, we continue on with our mission of empowering brands to support their retailers at every stage of their buying journey each season,” Faber stated. “The opportunity is vast in wholesale for forward thinking brands that embrace modernizing their approach to supporting their retail partners with a solution like Envoy B2B.”