Relay Fitness Group Launches Commercial Evo cx Indoor Cycle

New Evo Fitness Bike Features Advanced Computer, Fore/Aft Adjustable Racing Seat, Sway Frame and Planetary Gear Drive

COSTA MESA, Calif. – On the heels of a highly successful launch of the Evo i and Evo ix consumer indoor cycles, Relay Fitness Group is pleased to announce the release of its newest indoor cycle, the Evo cx, the first full commercial version of the Evo Fitness Bike to hit the market. With the new commercial model, Relay Fitness Group introduces the Evo Advanced Computer, a sophisticated processor that allows riders to track their progress with revolutions per minute, time, distance, calorie and heart rate readouts. Standard to each Evo cx bike, the computer allows gym and cycling studio owners, instructors, and members to maximize results with sophisticated workout data collection.

In addition, the Evo cx includes a racing-style seat with vertical and fore/aft adjustability. This enhanced feature allows experienced indoor and outdoor cyclists to make minute adjustments to the seat position, maximizing comfort and performance. Unlike the consumer Evo i and Evo ix models, the Evo cx has a pivot locking feature, allowing users to go from a fixed frame to a sway frame with the simple flick of a switch. This new component facilitates a wide range of workouts and allows instructors to maintain their standard routines that utilize fixed frame bikes.

The Evo cx furthers Relay Fitness Group's delivery of revolutionary cardio equipment to the indoor cycling community. The Evo Fitness Bike features a sway frame that articulates the body movement of a natural pedal, extending the reach of a cycling workout from the lower body to a complete full body-pumping exercise. Innovation surfaces in the Orbâ„¢ Gear Drive, a gear drive system that utilizes no belts or chains. This type of planetary gear mechanism has never before been utilized in a fitness application. The internal flywheel and brake mechanism creates a true-to-life biking experience in a durable sleek product with less external moving parts, translating to substantially reduced maintenance needs and costs.

“The introduction of the Evo cx brings an exciting new element to the traditional lineup of cardio equipment,” said Mark de Grasse, marketing manager of Relay Fitness Group. “Our team has identified a way for gym and studio instructors and their members to engage the entire body in a core workout on an indoor cycle with a comfortable, chic and, best of all, fun riding experience. In addition, our Orb Gear Drive translates to reduced maintenance needs and costs for our gym and cycling studio partners, as the bike has no belts or chains.”

Additional features of the Evo Fitness Bike include InfiniteFitâ„¢ Handlebars and hybrid seat positions that allow the indoor cycle to work for every type of athlete; from elite cyclists who thrive in the aerodynamic position, to casual exercisers who prefer the upright position. Furthering the Evo cx's commitment to all exercisers, a standard crank and pedal system with toe cages and dual sided SPD clips invites both cycling-specific shoes and gym shoes. Completing the package is non-slip grip handles, two water bottle holders, and a high-quality durable seat available in both a standard Racing seat and larger Hybrid seat.

The commercial Evo cx has been pre-ordered by more than 20 gym locations spanning across the country. The Evo cx model is also available for purchase, in addition to the two consumer versions of the Evo Fitness Bike, the Evo i and Evo ix, in more than 50 locations across North America. The Evo cx model retails for $1,599 and can be ordered directly from regional dealers or at For more information about the Evo Fitness Bike or Relay Fitness Group and to find a gym or dealer near you, visit

About Relay Fitness Group:
Relay Fitness Group is Fitness. Unchained. Founded in 2011 and based in Costa Mesa, Calif., Relay Fitness Group is a leading developer and manufacturer of revolutionary fitness equipment. Leveraging decades of experience, Relay Fitness Group created a gear drive system that make fitness equipment smaller, safer, and easier to maintain with less wear and tear and reduced downtime. The Evo Fitness Bike, the first product line from Relay Fitness Group, is a revolutionary indoor cycle that changes how people work out by delivering an authentic, fun cycling experience while working the core in a full-body workout. For more information about Relay Fitness Group and its line of indoor cycles, visit
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