PrimaLoft® Infinity Captivates Sleeping Bag Market

Since the launch of PrimaLoft INFINITY earlier this year, sales of the insulation have accelerated in the sleeping bag market. The North Face has adopted PrimaLoft INFINITY in seven new sleeping bags for spring 2010.

June 29, 2009, Albany, NY – Since the launch of PrimaLoft® INFINITY earlier this year, sales of the new insulation have accelerated in the sleeping bag market. The North Face has adopted PrimaLoft® INFINITY in seven new sleeping bags for spring 2010 to be introduced at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market next month.

PrimaLoft® INFINITY is a fine denier, continuous-filament insulation specifically designed for sleeping bags offering improved warmth, compressibility and softness. According to independent testing, PrimaLoft® INFINITY is over 20 percent more compressible than traditional continuous-filament insulation yielding a difference of 2.3 liters. That means room in your pack for more than two and a half Nalgene water bottles!

“PrimaLoft® is widely recognized as the premium supplier of performance insulations,” said Scott McGuire, Product Director of Equipment for The North Face. “When we heard they were developing a superior continuous-filament insulation, it didn't take long for us to adopt it in our pinnacle product."

“The high level of thermal performance, comfort, and packability of PrimaLoft® INFINITY is the result of years of strategic initiatives centered around advanced manufacturing concepts and finishing techniques”, said Vanessa Mason, PrimaLoft Global Business Development Director.

Mason added that PrimaLoft® has set the new industry standard for quality and consistency of a continuous filament insulation by designing features typical to PrimaLoft® insulation into this category of product.

“Most people don't think about exactly how long their synthetic sleeping bag will last when they buy it,” added McGuire. “We've done our homework and are providing the best possible insulation.”

The North Face Summit Series with PrimaLoft® INFINITY includes the Tundra -20°F, Dark Star -40°F and the Elephant's Foot half bag. The Ultralight series features the Orion 20°F, Scorpio 40°F, Fission 20°F and Propel 40°F.

Samples of The new PrimaLoft INFINITY bags from The North Face will be on display at the PrimaLoft Outdoor Retailer Booth # 39043.

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