point6.com shepherds in the online evolution of merino wool

point6.com launches as the online evolution of the merino wool movement, offering a collection of premium merino products online at a significant savings for the customer.

point6.com, online purveyor of premium compact-spun merino wool products, has officially arrived as the online evolution of merino wool.

point6.com, so named as a reference to the ability of merino to maintain an optimal body temperature of 98 point6 degrees Fahrenheit, launches with an online-only retail presence to facilitate a direct relationship with the end-user. It also allows us to provide one heck of a good deal, with products typically priced at 30% off standard retail.

Tribal Chiefs and Founders Peter and Patty Duke have returned, after an unsuccessful attempt at retirement, to incorporate their own unique brand of uncorporate culture in their new venture. A visit to the just-launched point6 website (www.point6.com) reveals a fun-seeking, spirited tribe of merino wool advocates ready to spread the wool.

“I am hopelessly addicted to the great execution of great ideas,” said Founder Peter Duke from a remote location that may have included shouts of “fore” in the background. “This new company represents the fusion of professional principles that are a priority for me: an excellent product, an innovative approach, and most importantly, a fun dynamic inherent in all of our internal and external activities.”

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With a new spin on traditional construction, point6.com utilizes a compact spinning process to remove more air from between the merino fibers, creating a softer, finer and more durable yarn. While other manufacturers may use small percentages of compact spun yarns in their products, point6.com uses them exclusively. Once spun, point6 merino is knit with finer gauge needles to produce more stitches per inch – and literally more merino per inch - increasing longevity and durability.

In addition to using naturally renewable merino wool fibers, point6.com keeps packaging, shipping and merchandising to a minimum through our exclusive use of the internet as a retail channel. We are also putting the finishing touches on our 1% for the Planet membership to incorporate an easy and effective way to increase what we give back as we increase what we take in.

Our comprehensive grassroots effort will officially launch during the Telluride Bluegrass festival on June 19, 2008, during which our traveling tribe of point6 scouts, complete with diesel vans, pimped-out sound systems and boatloads of free socks to give away, will convene to gather tribal members and discuss the finer points of point6.

About point6.com
point6.com believes that fun/work, and quality/value are terms that should not be mutually exclusive. Our merino wool products use the latest knitting and spinning technologies to create a softer and more durable result. We aim to offer premium merino products at an affordable price, leveraging online retail to minimize procedure and maximize the bank account. Please visit us at www.point6.com, or email us at storyteller@point6.com, to learn more about how you can spread the wool. We also invite you to join us on the point6 media blog at: http://point6.typepad.com/media.


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