Point6 Continues to Gain Traction with New Merino Wool Running Socks

Point6 unveils several new performance running styles for Spring 2013
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Point6, makers of premium merino wool socks engineered to deliver the ultimate in performance and comfort, is proud to unveil several new performance running styles for Spring 2013.

As Point6 continues to expand its product offerings in the performance running category, ultrarunners and endurance athletes everywhere are taking note. From long-distance ultramarathons and trail runs, to hard and fast intervals on the track, Point6 running socks offer sport-specific cushioning, rugged durability and stabilizing properties designed to maximize performance and comfort.

Point6 running socks are engineered to endure miles of repetitive force without interfering with high-tech running shoes or impairing circulation. Knit-in Achilles and arch braces ensure a snug, secure fit and extra support whether for trail, road, treadmill, or track. Extra-light cushioning is strategically placed under foot where runners need it most for a performance, comfortable fit. Mesh ventilation panels enhance breathability and moisture management for warm days and prevent chaffing, hot spots and blisters.

“Runners represent some of the most discerning sock customers,” said Peter Duke, founder and CEO with Point6. “So we couldn't be happier with the positive feedback we've received from professional athletes and specialty dealers alike. This has been instrumental in refining our product development process with the end goal to create the perfect fitting running sock.”

Point6 1166 Running – Bellis
Fresh, new design and colors with minimal cushioning for a snug, performance fit. Extra light cushioning under foot absorbs shock and comforts the sole. MSRP $15.95

Point6 1167 Running – Flash
Point6 advanced knitting and sock construction techniques deliver the utmost in quality, comfort and durability without adding too much volume in the shoe. MSRP $15.95

Point6 1165 Running – Katie
Extremely lightweight and breathable with no extra cushioning, the colorful Katie designs bring a feminine touch to our high performance ultra-light running collection. MSRP $14.95

Proudly made in the USA, Point6 exclusively uses 100-percent compact spun merino yarns for running socks with unsurpassed durability and luxurious softness. Point6 sources only the highest quality merino wool, combined with advanced knitting and sock construction techniques, for a signature fit and long-lasting comfort.

For more information, visit www.point6.com.

More About Point6:
Makers of premium merino wool socks with sport-specific designs engineered to deliver the ultimate in performance and comfort, Point6 was launched in 2008 by merino wool innovators, Peter and Patty Duke. All Point6 socks are proudly made in the USA using state of the art knitting and compact-spinning technologies, and the brand is committed to delivering merino wool products of the utmost quality, comfort and durability. For more information, please visit www.point6.com.