Outdoor Industry Celebrates America’s Great Outdoors Projects

President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative identified 101 projects in 50 states and the District of Columbia, ranging from large-scale conservation initiatives to access for close-to-home recreation, and youth engagement projects.

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Outdoor Industry Celebrates Unveiling of America’s Great Outdoors Projects

101 Projects Equals More Americans Connected to the Great Outdoors

Boulder, CO (November 3, 2012) – Today, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) is celebrating the fact that more Americans are one step closer to connecting with the outdoors, thanks to local outdoor recreation and conservation projects detailed in the Department of the Interior’s America’s Great Outdoors (AGO) report.

The report marks a milestone in President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, identifying 101 projects in 50 states and the District of Columbia, ranging from large-scale conservation initiatives to access for close-to-home recreation, and youth engagement projects.

“With these state-level projects, AGO has delivered a platform for local engagement,” said Craig Mackey, director of recreation policy for OIA. “As a full partner in the AGO process, the outdoor industry’s brands and retailers are excited to roll up our sleeves and do our part to ensure Americans have quality, accessible places to get outside and play.”

Outdoor industry leaders played a significant role in informing and advancing the AGO report. In 2010, OIA and the Outdoor Alliance partnered with active outdoor industry businesses and user groups to launch an eight-city listening tour to collect actionable recommendations specific to outdoor recreation.

Based on feedback from more than 300 participants, OIA and Outdoor Alliance submitted a recreation-focused AGO report to inform the final report submitted to President Obama.

Outdoor Recreation Report Highlights:

  • Eight Cities visited: Jackson Hole, WY; Boise, ID; Boulder, CO; Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Boston, MA; Freeport, ME; Lander, WY.
  • Federal funding is a necessity to maintain and enhance public lands and waters vital to the outdoor industry. Full and dedicated funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund is mandatory.
  • There is a need for national leadership and landscape-level planning and execution on outdoor recreation infrastructure, the delivery of recreational services, and how we ensure the long-term stewardship of these amenities.
  • Competing demands for different activities on public lands, user conflicts, and differing opinions on establishing a conservation vision for the future, require that agencies regularly engage communities and provide forums for dialogue.
  • Too many Americans have little knowledge of, skills for, or are afraid of the outdoors, leadings to fewer people—especially young people—enjoying the outdoors.
  • Partnerships between schools and small businesses, NGOs and government agencies, and other partnerships need to be recognized and supported at the federal level.

Read more information about the AGO report.

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