Choose Outdoors Submits Recommendations on America's Great Outdoors

In response to President Obama's request for recommnendations related to the America's Great Outdoors initiative, Choose Outdoors, a national nonprofit, released its "Recommendations and Best Practices" report.

"Choosing a Better Path, Recommendations and Best Practices for America's Great Outdoors" includes specific examples of successful efforts in 5 key areas:

Getting people to choose the outdoors
Creating a new wave of volunteerism
Connecting the next generation to the land
Finding new sources of funding to support recreation resources
Educating Americans about the importance of stewardship

The report, submitted by Choose Outdoors Chair and President of the National Ski Areas Association Michael Berry and Choose Outdoors President Bruce Ward, was addressed to the Senate Outdoor Recreation Caucus, formed by Choose Outdoors last year.

Follow up conversations with Senator Mark Udall's staff (Udall is co-chair of the caucus with Senator James Risch of Idaho) have indicated a desire to follow up on the report that resulted from an unofficial "listening session" held last summer at a meeting of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Resource Project (CORRP). CORRp is co-chaired by US Forest Service Regional Forester Rick Cables and Bruce Ward.