Optic Nerve Offers Free Sunglasses to Those Who Donate $20 to Save the

To support Adventurer/Activist Eric Larsen’s Save the Poles initiative, Optic Nerve will give a free pair of their eco-friendly sunglasses to everyone who makes a donation of $20 or more to Save the Poles during the Winter OR.

DENVER, CO. (January 14, 2010) – To support Adventurer/Activist Eric Larsen's Save the Poles initiative, Optic Nerve, the Denver-based sport sunglass manufacturer, will give a free pair of their eco-friendly FORESEE sunglasses to everyone who makes a donation of $20 or more to Save the Poles during the Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show. Larsen will be on hand at the Optic Nerve booth (#35165) on Saturday, January 23 from 4-5:30pm to answer questions and display pictures of the first leg of his expedition.

In November 2009, Eric Larsen embarked on the Save the Poles Expedition in which he will trek unsupported to the South Pole, North Pole and the summit of Everest during a consecutive 365-day period to raise awareness of global warming and promote clean energy solutions. On January 4, 2010 Larsen successfully completed the first leg of the journey by reaching the South Pole.

“One down, two to go!” said Eric Larsen. “Skiing to the South Pole for 48 days was an incredible experience. Despite being completely removed from most other life, I was able to share my journey with a global audience and create awareness of the fragile Antarctic

A sponsor of the Save the Poles expedition, Optic Nerve is committed to reducing its corporate carbon footprint. The company operates out of an energy efficient building that has 10k of solar power and just recently unveiled a new line of eco-friendly sunglasses called the FORESEE Collection which is made from 100 percent sustainable frame materials.

"Optic Nerve eyewear is proud to sponsor Eric Larsen and Save the Poles expedition,” said Bill cotton, President of Optic Nerve. “Finding solutions to run our business in a more sustainable way is a major priority for us and Eric's expedition is right in line with our core values. We are excited about his successful completion of the South Pole expedition and look forward to cheering him on as he undertakes the next leg of his journey.”

During the Winter OR Show, Optic Nerve will accept donations on behalf of the Save the Poles Expedition at their booth (#35165). Every donation of $20 or more will receive a
free pair of Optic Nerve FORESEE sunglasses. Quantities are limited. The eco-friendly glasses with polarized lenses retail for $69. Save the Poles will receive 100 percent of all donations.

For more information on Optic Nerve's FORESEE Collection and their green initiatives, visit www.nerveusa.com, call (303) 462-0444 or visit Optic Nerve at Booth #35165 during Winter OR.

About Optic Nerve and Mountain Shades
Based in Colorado's mountain playground, Optic Nerve and Mountain Shades have been making performance-driven, price-conscious eyewear for over 25 years. Optic Nerve is Colorado to the core and has tested product in and out of rivers, lakes, mountains, plains, forest and more. To meet all of their adventure needs, the company continually finds ways to blend style and technology to deliver durable and comfortable eyewear with high-end performance and a lifetime guarantee, allowing consumers to spend their money on other gear besides their sunglasses. All styles have the same 100 percent UVA and UVB protection; lightweight, durable construction; and fashion-conscious styling found in more expensive brands, at a fraction of the price. For more information visit, www.nerveusa.com.

About Save the Poles
In 2009, renowned Polar Explorer Eric Larsen will begin an unprecedented journey to the top, bottom and roof of the world. During a continuous 365-day period, Larsen will mount major unsupported expeditions to the North and South Poles and an expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest. This feat has never been completed in one year. The expedition's objectives are:
• Complete the first-ever expedition to Mt. Everest, the North Pole and South Pole in a continuous 365-day period
• Promote clean energy solutions, advocate strategies for reducing carbon emissions post Kyoto 2012 and collect relevant scientific data
• Produce a documentary film, book and educational CD-ROM that focuses on global warming, teamwork and the spirit of adventure
• Develop a post expedition multi-media lecture series
For more information, visit www.ericlarsenexplore.com

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