OIWC Revamps Mission and Vision, Launches Advocacy Program

Program tackles gender-related workplace issues in the outdoor, bike and snowsports industries

July 27, 2011 – Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition (OIWC) is pleased to announce a rejuvenated mission and vision and the launch of a new Advocacy Program.

For the past 15 years, OIWC has been the foremost resource for women in the outdoor industries to connect with other women and develop their careers. Today, over 1500 members seek out the OIWC's education resources and professional development programs aimed to support and diversify the industry from the ground-up. However, through comprehensive surveys of women in the industries, OIWC has learned that one thing is clear…. The industry is looking to OIWC to affect change from the top down, in addition to the bottom up, and build an industry where gender equality is assumed.

To instrument such change, OIWC started from within itself. Listening carefully to the feedback of its members and the industry and spending months of lively discussion and debate, the OIWC Board of Directors emerged with a new, succinct and powerful mission and vision:

VISION: Respect, inclusion and gender equality at every level in the workplace.

MISSION: Advocacy, education and resources for women in the outdoor, bike and snowsports industries.

The refreshed mission and vision are the foundation for the new Advocacy Program. As the only women's organization in the outdoor, bike and snowsports industries, OIWC accepts the duty to act as an advocate for women's issues, helping to create an industry with more women at top-level positions, getting equal pay for equal work. Outlined out in a 3-year rollout plan, the Advocacy Program's events and initiatives will identify gender-related issues in the workplace, educate the industry on those issues, and work with the industry to implement solution for such issues.

Working with the industry, the OIWC Advocacy Program with showcase best practices and case studies by hosting workshops, programs, forums and securing keynote speakers for high profile meetings and events. The Advocacy Program will help companies build women's leadership programs that help create open and honest dialogue in their respective workplaces. Further, OIWC will build an online Advocacy Center that will provide a venue through which individuals and companies can ask questions, build a network, and find solutions to these sensitive issues.

Sally Grimes, Executive Director of OIWC, stated, “If you look up the definition of ‘advocacy,' you learn that it is a series of actions taken and issues highlighted to change the "what is” into a "what should be”, considering that this "what should be” is a more decent and a more just society. No other organization in the outdoor, bike and snowsports industries is committed to building an industry that is "what should be”: an industry with respect, inclusion and gender equality at every level in the workplace. OIWC believes we can achieve that vision, and be a model for other industries striving towards the same goal.”

OIWC will continue to develop its programs for individual members as well, expanding its successful programs focused on educational opportunities and professional development resources for women in the industry.

To learn more about the new Vision and Mission, the Advocacy Program, become an OIWC member, register for an OIWC event or to submit questions, please visit www.oiwc.org.

About OIWC
Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition (OIWC), a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, is a membership community of professionals in the outdoor, bike and snowsports industries. OIWC is focused on providing power, influence, professional development and opportunity in the outdoor related businesses and to generate champions to inspire other women. To learn more about the OIWC online member community or to become a new member or sponsor, please visit www.oiwc.org.