nuun family grows to five flavours and two sizes

nuun adds new flavor Orange Ginger and 'bigger nuun' to its line of sugar-free quick-dissolving electrolyte sports drink tablets.

(Seattle, WA) nuun—creator of the sugar-free quick-dissolving electrolyte sports drink tablet—has added a new flavour to its family in 2008—orange ginger. Orange ginger is nuun's fifth flavor— it joins lemon+lime, tri-berry, citrus fruit and kona cola and gives athletes and active people a wide variety of choices in the replenishing electrolyte drink.

Orange-ginger is available in two sizes. Each tablet of nuun makes 16 ounces of drink, approximately the size of a bicycle bottle. bigger nuun (also new in 2008) has a larger tablet size specifically formatted for ease of use in larger 32-ounce or liter-sized bottles and hydration packs. nuun was the first electrolyte drink ideally suited for use in hydration systems, because its sugar-free formula rinses cleanly and will not fuel the growth of bacteria.

When nuun came to market in 2004, it offered active people a new way to hydrate. nuun's concept—to separate what you drink to stay hydrated from what you eat for energy—defined a new way to replenish electrolytes in a convenient, easy-to-use form. Simply add a tablet to water, let it dissolve for two minutes, and you have a drink containing calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium—the essential electrolytes that aid hydration.


nuun and Deuter USA to team up in 2008

nuun—the creator of the quick-dissolving electrolyte drink tablet—and Deuter USA—makers of high quality, innovative and price-competitive packs—are pleased to announce they will team up in 2008 to help their customers stay hydrated and promote both brands. Starting at the more