Deuter USA Delivers Spring ‘08 Hydration Packs with nuun Sample

Deuter USA—makers of high quality and innovative packs—is pleased to announce that their spring 2008 hydration packs include a free sample of bigger nuun— electrolyte tablets.

(Longmont, Colo., April 8, 2008) Deuter USA—makers of high quality and innovative packs—is pleased to announce that their spring 2008 hydration packs include a free sample of bigger nuun— electrolyte tablets. Deuter is currently shipping their hydration packs to retailers across the country in preparation for the spring biking season. Any consumer purchasing a Deuter hydration pack will receive a free tube of bigger nuun (a $12.95 value), which is packaged with the packs, along with a hangtag that educates consumers about hydration with tips and product use information. Deuter USA and nuun banded together in August 2007, to introduce retailers and consumers to the benefits of hydrating. The partnership includes cross promotion, marketing and sales initiatives.

According to Keith Patterson, Vice President of sales for Deuter USA, “nuun
complements Deuter hydration packs perfectly. It leaves no sticky residue—and therefore no dreaded grunge—inside hydration systems. But the bigger picture is that nuun is a specialist in hydration, just as Deuter is a specialist in packs. Consumers will benefit from this partnership and now have the opportunity to test both together.”

Mark McKnight of retailer Rock/Creek in Chattanooga, Tennessee seems to agree, "Rock/Creek is excited about Deuter's partnership with nuun. We see tremendous opportunity for growth in the hydration category as athletes and outdoor enthusiasts become more aware of the convenient options for proper hydration and electrolyte replacement."

Deuter's hydration packs provide the enthusiast with innovative designs, ventilation and carrying capacity for all types of outdoor adventures. All of Deuter's hydration products and many of their multi-purpose packs include Source® Streamer Reservoirs with FDA
approved anti-microbial impregnated reservoirs and tubes which are taste-free, easy to clean and easy to fill and use.

nuun's product—bigger nuun—is designed for use in hydration packs. Each tablet of bigger nuun dissolves rapidly to create 32 ounces of sugar-free electrolyte drink that rinses cleanly and helps prevent the growth of bacteria in hydration pack reservoirs or hoses. A tube of bigger nuun, which contains 12 tablets, will create 3 gallons of drink containing the essential electrolytes proven to aid hydration—sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

About Deuter
Deuter Sport GmbH of Augsburg, Germany, celebrates its 110th year in
2008 and is one of the leading international pack brands. Deuter's major focus is on the development and sales of innovative, high quality, and price competitive packs. Deuter's current strength in pack innovation is the ventilated and protective back systems they
have developed and refined over the last 22 years. Deuter Sport GmbH, including its US subsidiary, is owned by Schwan-STABILO of Heroldsberg, Germany. Schwan-STABILO is a family-owned company with significant business in writing instruments, private label cosmetics and outdoor products. For more information on Deuter, please visit

About nuun
Since 2004, nuun—pronounced ‘noon'—has given athletes a new way to
hydrate. Its pioneering, quick-dissolving electrolyte tablets are truly portable and convenient—with nuun, anywhere you can find water, you can readily hydrate, simply by adding a nuun tablet to water, letting it dissolve, and then drinking up. Available in five flavours, nuun is lightly flavored and without sugars, making it the first sports drink ideal for use in hydration packs, because its sugar-free formula deters the growth of bacteria and rinses cleanly. Popular among competitive cyclists, triathletes and adventure racers, nuun has hydrated athletes throughout legendary endurance epics and is an easy to-use hydration solution for anyone that is active, anywhere. For
more information, visit


nuun and Deuter USA to team up in 2008

nuun—the creator of the quick-dissolving electrolyte drink tablet—and Deuter USA—makers of high quality, innovative and price-competitive packs—are pleased to announce they will team up in 2008 to help their customers stay hydrated and promote both brands. Starting at the more