New Technical Advantages Added to MSR Water Treatment

MSR introduces two new water filters featuring Hollow Fiber Membrane technology. The HyperFlow™ MicroFilter debuts as the lightest, smallest, fastest-pumping filter, while the new AutoFlow™ Gravity Filter provides pump-free, high-flow filtration.

Hollow Fiber Technology Available in Two New Water Filters

SEATTLE, Washington – MSR (Mountain Safety Research), the Seattle-based brand of proven backcountry gear for demanding users is introducing two new Fast & Light® Series water filters featuring Hollow Fiber Membrane technology. The HyperFlow™ MicroFilter debuts as the lightest, smallest, fastest-pumping filter available, while the new AutoFlow™ Gravity Filter takes the super-light technology to another level with pump-free, high-flow filtration. The modular new filters conveniently adapt to many containers and can be cleaned repeatedly in the field for flow recovery.

With an impressively fast flow rate of more than 3.0 liters per minute, the new MSR® HyperFlow MicroFilter surpasses anything else available in terms of performance. Its ultra-compact lightweight design weighs in at a mere 7.4 ounces (210 g), and over-molded end caps offer excellent ergonomic grip and comfortable pumping. A broad surface area prefilter prevents sediment from clogging the filter, and also wraps around the filter for packing out. The HyperFlow MicroFilter securely interfaces with almost any container—MSR hydration products, hard plastic bottles, and anything with a 63mm threaded opening—via the Quick-Connect™ Bottle Adapter included. The filter can also be adapted for use as a pump-free gravity filter with the HyperFlow Gravity Kit, sold separately.

The new MSR AutoFlow Gravity Filter puts gravity to work for fast, high-flow, hands-free filtration. It filters more than 1.5 liters per minute and weighs only 10.5 ounces (299 g). The filter includes the uniquely designed Universal Bottle Adapter, which securely interfaces with a variety of containers, including MSR hydration products and hydration tubes.

“I can safely say I've never had more fun working with testers on a product,” said Sarah Bruce, Hydration Product Manager at Cascade Designs, Inc., parent company of MSR. “When the bottle is full after they've barely exerted any energy they look at me with a sense of amazement, usually while the bottle is overflowing.”

The HyperFlow Microfilter and AutoFlow Gravity Filter effectively filter down to 0.2 microns, removing 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa. Both filters are field maintainable and can be cleaned repeatedly for flow-recovery. To clean the HyperFlow Microfilter, simply reverse the direction of water flow and pump clean water back through the filter to flush. The AutoFlow Gravity Filter can be cleaned by holding the clean water container higher than the unfiltered water bag to allow clean water to back-flush into the filter. Both filters require no tools for complete disassembly.

Components and accessories in the new filter line are sold separately, allowing the user to customize their system to filter clean water into the receptacle of their choosing.

The new MSR water treatment products will be available on the market in January 2008.

About MSR (Mountain Safety Research)
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