New MSR WindBurner Stove Systems & Cookware Options Bring Versatility to Solo Hikers and Group Campers Alike

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SEATTLE, WA (July 11, 2017) —Since 1973, MSR® (Mountain Safety Research) has engineered high-performance, standard-setting stove solutions for outdoor adventurers. For 2018, MSR builds off its successful WindBurner Stove System, now the best-selling stove system in the U.S., with a variety of new systems and cookware options, as well as a new remote-canister stove design. The expanded WindBurner line brings the WindBurner’s superior windproof performance to group and multipurpose cooking, with solutions for solo travelers, group campers and a variety of cooking styles—from boil-only meals to simmered feasts.

“When you’re traveling into the backcountry, why not actually be able to cook a good meal without the penalty of bringing all your pots and pans?” said Doug Sanders, category director, MSR Stoves. “This modular system lets you split the weight of a cook system like never before, making a gourmet group experience lightweight, save for the gourmet ingredients, of course.”

Like the original, the new WindBurner stove system options feature a pressure-regulated, radiant burner and a windproof design, giving users a consistently high level of performance in real-world conditions, like wind and cold. They feature a remote-canister stove design that improves stability with taller and larger-volume pots, minimizing the chances of toppling over your gourmet meal or freshly boiled pot of water. The skillet and pots feature either a heat-capturing ring that protects the flame from the wind yet allows for more even cooking, or a superefficient built-in heat exchanger that ensures impressively fast boil times.

The range of new WindBurner systems and cookware are modular with nesting components to produce all-in-one systems that are customizable for everything from solo trips to group adventures. The new systems and components include:

WindBurner Stove System Combo

This kit provides the ultimate group camp cooking experience and includes the remote burner, a ceramic-coated 2.5 L hard-anodized aluminum Sauce Pot with strainer lid and Talon™ pot handle, and an 8” ceramic-coated skillet for multipurpose cooking. The pot comfortably nests the remote burner system and an 8oz. fuel canister for superior packability.

WindBurner Group Stove System

This kit is perfect for 2-4 people and includes the remote burner system, a ceramic-coated 2.5 L hard-anodized aluminum Sauce Pots with strainer lid and Talon™ pot handle, and will nest comfortably with an 8oz. fuel canister for superior packability.

WindBurner Duo Stove System

Perfect for 2-3 people moving fast and light who rely on boil-ready meals and brewing up coffee and tea. This kit includes a 1.8 L pot and is a compact, all-in-one, fast-boil system.

WindBurner Stock Pot

MSR’s largest capacity pot for groups and large volume cooking. This pot features a high-performance heat exchanger for our fastest boil times and is self-centering to provide increased stability.

WindBurner Stove System Combo


The ultimate tools for group and gourmet cooking. MSRP $259.95


— Ceramic-coated 2.5 L Sauce Pot and 8” Skillet for multipurpose cooking

— Features enclosed, heat-capturing ring

— Pot nests stove and 8 oz fuel canister

— Anti-topple remote canister design and self-centering pots

— Weight: 29.3 oz (831 g)

WindBurner Group Stove System


Our larger capacity 2.5 L system is perfect for small groups and optimized for simmering. MSRP $199.95


— Ceramic-coated 2.5 L Sauce Pot serves 2-4 people

— Features enclosed, heat-capturing ring for cooking versatility

— Nests stove and 8 oz fuel canister for rattle-free packing efficiency

— Anti-topple remote canister design and self-centering pot

— Weight: 21.1 oz (599 g)

WindBurner Duo Stove System

WindBurner Stove System performance sized for two backpackers. MSRP $179.95


— Ideal for trips with 2-3 people, fast-boil meals and making coffee/tea

— Compact, all-in-one, fast-boil system with personal cook-and-eat features

— Anti-topple remote canister design and self-centering pot

— Weight: 21.3 oz (605 g)

WindBurner® Stock Pot


Fast-boiling 4.5 L pot for our WindBurner stove systems. MSRP $99.95


— Our largest capacity pot for groups & large volume cooking

— Features high-performance heat exchanger for our fastest boil times

— Self-centering pot fits WindBurner stoves’ deep lip for increased stability

— Weight: 21 oz (568 g)

WindBurner® Sauce Pot


Ceramic-coated 2.5 L pot for our WindBurner stove systems. MSRP $79.95


— 2.5 L Sauce Pot serves 2-4 people

— Durable ceramic coating makes meal clean-up fast and easy

— Features enclosed, heat-capturing ring

— Weight: 12.2 oz (345 g)

WindBurner® Ceramic Skillet


Premium nonstick performance for stir-fry, pancakes or gourmet cooking. MSRP $69.95


— Hard-anodized aluminum skillet with ceramic nonstick surface

— Talon Pot Handle

— Nests outside of WindBurner Stock Pot

— Weight: 8.5 oz (240 g)



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