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New era of “Wearable GPS” capabilities enabled by technological breakthrough

GTXC, founder of the Personal Location Services category and a leader in Miniaturized GPS Technologies, has created a proprietary, “single click” software application used to activate the GPS-2-SMS Dual-GeoFence features that form an integral part of its embedded GPS technology.

Los Angeles, CA — GTXC, founder of the Personal Location Services category and a leader in Miniaturized GPS Technologies, has created a proprietary, “single click” software application used to activate the GPS-2-SMS Dual-GeoFence features that form an integral part of its embedded GPS technology. The recent Multi Dual GeoFence patent application filled in February 2007 is the most current of seven applications filed since the company's founding five years ago, and promises to bring new capabilities and efficiencies to the Wearable GPS industry. The company's first, US Patent 6.788.200 titled GPS Footwear was issued in September 2004.

The GTXC GPS-2-SMS Dual-GeoFence technology is designed to work with GTXC GPS tracking devices such as the XPLORER GPS Shoe and the Xactspot carrying pod, in conjunction with the GTXC secure web portal. From any Internet connection, an approved tracker simply clicks on the map, chooses a green "safe" zone or red "unsafe" zone, and with a single click sets a boundary for the person being monitored. Thereafter, if the person wearing an Xplorer GPS shoe or XactSpot either enters a red zone or leave a green zone, a message is instantly sent over the Cingular Wireless network. The message is sent via e-mail, cell phone, and/or SMS alert to the person(s) responsible for tracking along with complete details and whereabouts of the person(s) or property being monitored. There are no third party call centers, no delays and no “panic” buttons to push.

The patented GTX C “always-on” design is critically important if the person being monitored cannot speak, has become disoriented, or is too young or too old to use the device. It also benefits the person doing the monitoring, in that the system requires no activity on their part — just set it and forget it. If a zone is breached an alert is automatically sent. Otherwise, “no news is good news.”

Another GTXC feature allows multiple Dual-GeoFences to be set at the same time, with alerts optionally going to different selected family members, guardians, or other individuals.

GTXC technology is equally effective tracking a person, a pet or valued asset. The Dual Geo-Fence will accurately track someone to within 12 feet, and indicate the movement in or out of a defined area as small as 100 feet in radius, and up to miles wide.

For example, a mother can be automatically notified when her child leaves school, when her father-in-law with dementia has wondered off, if the dog ran away. A contractor can know when construction equipment is leaving a job site and a surgeon would automatically know if an organ has been delivered. An EMS commander can know if a disaster relief team made it to a location finished its task and left. There are innumerable application opportunities for this technology and GTXC along with its partners; ATT/Cingular, Google and Enfora are delivering it with the highest assurance of service and quality.

Patrick Bertagna CEO: "There is widespread dependence on being "connected" to instantaneous, real-time information at many different levels (e.g. Blackberry, PDA, cell phone, OnStar, WiFi, etc.). Directly knowing the whereabouts of loved ones and/or colleagues affords a sense of control and peace of mind in today's increasingly hectic society. This technology provides timely knowledge which significantly reduces the levels of stress that go with the responsibility of watching out for loved ones or co-workers and the uncertainty of not knowing there whereabouts. Our innovative products and licensing approach to work with major consumer brands is not only providing solutions consumers are demanding but also creating opportunities in the market place we never even dreamed off."

About GTX Corporation: GTXC (Global Trek Xploration Corporation) best known for its Xplorer Smart GPS Shoe, was founded in 2002 to develop and commercialize miniaturized GPS technology and cellular location-transmitting technology into a wide variety of consumer products. Through its licensed partners, the Company provides embedded technical solution that complement personal security, responsible care taking, and remote oversight needs, while melding seamlessly into busy lifestyles. Based in Los Angeles, California, the privately held company has satellite offices in La Mirada, California, and Pusan, Korea.

For more information, please contact Patrick Bertagna, CEO, at (213) 489-3019 or, or visit GTXC online at


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