NEMO Equipment, Inc. Teams Up with New Sales Agencies


(Dover, NH) - NEMO Equipment, Inc., an award-winning outdoor gear manufacturer focused on improving the experience of outdoor adventure, has announced the hire of three new sales agencies. Recognized as a leader in quality, innovation and design, NEMO’s expanded 2015 line of outdoor equipment demands a skilled and dedicated sales force to manage. With a longstanding commitment to specialty retail, where sales reps are essential for building relationships and educating store staff, the new agencies will also help NEMO expand its effort to offer retailers the highest level of service and attention, while telling the story of the NEMO brand. 

In the Southeast (VA, WV, KY, NC, SC, GA, FL, TN, AL, MS), NEMO will be represented by Kurt Smith, Phillip Hoffman and Chaz Warren from Top Gun Sales. Kurt can be reached at or 304-237-4306. 

In CA, NV and AZ, NEMO will be represented by Bill Schmid and Jonas Goldsmith of Parallel 33 Sales. Jonas can be reached at or 619-606-9131.

“We've been fans of NEMO’s gear and the company for quite some time, so being able to work with the brand is very exciting for us,” said Jonas Goldsmith, Sales Associate, Parallel 33 Sales Group. 

In TX, OK, LA, and AR, NEMO will be represented by Jason Ramsey of Southern Overland Sales. Jason can be reached at or 469-261-8389.

“NEMO has continued its aggressive growth over the past year and our need for agencies that can tell a great brand story, relay detailed product knowledge and foster strong relationships with our specialty retailers has become extremely important,” says Ben Saunders, Director of Sales for NEMO. “In 2015 we will continue to bring innovative new designs to the outdoors and are extremely happy to add three well respected agencies to our sales force.” 

About NEMO Equipment, Inc.

NEMO Equipment, Inc. is a New Hampshire-based outdoor gear manufacturer bringing high-level design and engineering to the outdoor industry. Founded in 2002 by Cam Brensinger, NEMO’s product line includes AirSupported® and traditional poled tents, sleeping bags, pads and accessories to enhance the outdoor experience. Expanding its product line with camp tools like the award-winning Helio™ Pressure Shower, and encouraging collaboration with like-minded brands, NEMO continues to encourage people to get out and find adventure anywhere. NEMO products can be found at specialty outdoor gear stores and online, across the US and internationally. For more information, please contact Kate Ketschek,, or 603-828-1050.