Nantahala Outdoor Center & Dagger Freestyle Shootout this Weekend

Nantahala Outdoor Center and Dagger have partnered to bring a one of kind kayaking event to the Nantahala Gorge.
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Nantahala Outdoor Center and Dagger have partnered for the second year in a row to bring a one of kind kayaking event to the Nantahala Gorge. NOC's second-annual Freestyle Shootout kayaking competition now features $10,000 in prizes for the best in seven divisions this weekend, August 1-2 on the Nantahala River. The two-day event, currently Western North Carolina's only professional freestyle event, will be held at the spectator-friendly Outfitter's Store Wave at NOC.

Freestyle kayaking, much like vert-ramp skateboarding, features an athlete performing technical, visually impressive moves and tricks on a single feature, only instead of using a half-pipe, kayakers use rivers features like waves and holes. Freestyle moves are usually highly stylized spins, turns, cartwheels and flips that often involve the boater going completely airborne.

The Freestyle Shootout will feature seven classes of competitors: K1 Pro Men, K1 Pro Women, K1 Expert Men, K1 Expert Women, K1 Junior Men, K1 Open Novice and C1 Open Canoe. Competitors can register online at, or the day before the event at NOC. The registration fee is $40. Each competitor is given three 90-second runs on Saturday in the qualifying round, and another three 90-second runs for finalists on Sunday.

DJ Terrence Young will spin from the judges' bridge during the event, and Asheville band Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work will perform Saturday night at The Pourover, the new riverside pub at NOC.

For more information call 828.488.2175 or go to


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