CARBONDALE, COLORADO – mountainFLOW eco-wax, formerly Snow Shed Wax Co., is offering a new line of eco-friendly ski waxes. mountainFLOW’s new rub-on base wax is made solely from plant-based waxes and oils and is designed to work in all snow conditions. mountainFLOW is also launching a water-based spray-on skin wax to improve glide and reduce snow buildup on skins.

“Our mission is to provide a simple, eco-friendly way to improve the skiing experience and we’re pumped to be offering new products that help us achieve that goal,” says mountainFLOW founder Peter Arlein. “Our base wax is made entirely from vegetable-based waxes and oils. It’s easy to apply and works great in all conditions! We are also stoked to be offering a Skin Wax that provides a really nice glide while also maintaining a strong kick – a rare combination in the industry.”

mountainFLOW's Product Test Team hard at work!

mountainFLOW's Product Test Team hard at work!

mountainFLOW will continue to sell its industry-leading Anti-Stick Topsheet Spray which is used to reduce snow buildup on top of skis and snowboards. This product has been particularly popular with the backcountry community and is seeing increased use amongst nordic and alpine skiers.


mountainFLOW eco-wax makes a line of environmentally friendly ski waxes including an Anti-Stick Topsheet Spray, Skin Wax, and Base Wax. mountainFLOW will also be offering private label ski wax to resorts and ski shops, interested parties should contact Products are available in ski shops throughout the US and Canada and can also be purchased online at



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