Massey’s Outfitters Partners with Friends of Lafitte Corridor

Massey’s Professional Outfitters has partnered this year with Friends of Lafitte Corridor to draw much needed attention to the urban trail project in Lafitte Corridor.

What are you doing for National Trails Day ? If you're in New Orleans, please join FOLC and Massey's for the 4th Annual Hike of the Lafitte Corridor. Massey's Professional Outfitters, a New Orleans based outdoor retail store, has partnered this year with Friends of Lafitte Corridor to draw much needed attention to the trail in Lafitte Corridor. This is a very special event, as this will be the last chance for individuals to see the Corridor in its current urban state.

History: This year they honor the fourth year of the hike. The first event had three hikers and no fanfare. The second hike led to the formation of Friends of Lafitte Corridor. FOLC President, Bart Everson, says of the weekend hike, “We're advertising this one as absolutely the last chance to hike the corridor in its undeveloped state. Eventually this three-mile stretch of old railroad corridor will be a beautiful greenway with bicycle and pedestrian paths, park-like settings, and tying together disparate neighborhoods by providing a great amenity to everyone in New Orleans.” That grand scheme will take a while. But by the time of the 5th Annual Hike, the cleanup will have begun and there will be at least some pavement in place on the trail. The project has moved forward because citizens — regular people, have gotten involved and pushed it forward. That citizen involvement is essential to the positive transformation of New Orleans, and this hike is a great way to celebrate that.

This year Massey's Professional Outfitters stepped up to be the main sponsor of the event. Aside from financial backing, they will be providing lunch for the event. Everson says about Massey's “They're a business right on the corridor, and their support for this event has been fantastic. They'll be providing lunch as well as transportation back to the point of origin.” Massey's new location on North Carrollton has a great view of the future trail and have committed to long term support of the project.

About the Event:
Saturday June 7 10:00 AM: Meet at main entrance to Armstrong Park (Rampart St.)
Noon: Lunch at Massey's (509 N Carrollton)
1:00 PM: Finish at Canal Blvd. Shuttle back to Armstrong Park
It's a three mile hike, and the weather is sure to be hot, and parts of the path are overgrown and weedy. So dress accordingly, and bring some sunscreen.

About Friends of Lafitte Corridor
The mission of FOLC, is to preserve the open space of the Lafitte Corridor from the French Quarter to Canal Boulevard by advocating and facilitating the creation of a greenway with bicycling and pedestrian paths linking neighborhoods, cultural features, historic sites, retail areas and public spaces.

About Massey's Professional Outfitters
Massey's Outfitters is an adventure-oriented chain of specialty stores based in New Orleans. Founded in 1972, Massey's has a rich history of providing Louisiana adventurers with all of the gear and clothing they need. Today we have 4 retail locations and specialty e-commerce sites for all of your outdoor needs. Massey's is a proud member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, a group of independent outdoor retailers nationwide.


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