Marines to Gain New InSport Running Suit

InSport Wins $14 Million Contract to Outfit All Marines

InSport, Inc., announced today that they will manufacture a new running suit for the Marine Corps under a $14 million contract recently awarded to the company by the United States Marine Corps. Best known for their technically advanced, high-end running gear, Insport will be outfitting every Marine with this new addition to the sea bag in early 2008.

InSport secured the Marine Corps contract through a full and open competitive bid for the running suit. The contract was awarded after extensive proposal review, laboratory testing and user evaluations illustrated that it was capable of standing up to the uniquely rigorous fitness demands placed on the modern day Marine. The fabric design uses top-of-the-line, moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, and water-repellent technologies to ensure comfort and usability throughout extensive weather conditions, and lengthy wear.

"We are simply thrilled,” said Peter Soorenko, General Manager of InSport. “The fitness demands placed on Marines are second to none. To be selected to ensure that they can meet these rigorous demands through this specially designed training uniform speaks volumes to the quality of our work here at InSport. We are very proud.”

The Marine Corps decision to adopt the InSport-designed running suit will allow them to take advantage of innovative fabric technologies not present in the Marine's current physical training uniform, which was designed over 30 years ago. While they plan to continue issuing the standard green t-shirt and green running shorts, this new running suit will provide Marines with a uniform that exemplifies the high standards of the Marine Corps.

"We would like to start getting the running suit to Marines in early 2008. Ultimately, our goal is to outfit our Marines with the best clothing and gear available and we appreciate the partnership with Insport in reaching this goal," said Infantry Combat Equipment Program Manager LtCol A.J. Pasagian

In full compliance with Berry Amendment regulations, this running suit will be designed and manufactured entirely in the United States, using materials made by fellow American businesses. Marine Corps officials estimate that 125,000 running suits will be produced in 2008, and another 125,000 will be distributed through 2009.

InSport's military garments have received widespread support on the federal level in both the Senate and House of Representatives. Notably, Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR), Congresswoman Darlene Hooley (D-OR) and Congressman David Wu (D-OR) have worked tirelessly to secure additional resources for InSport's many DoD-supported military products.

Senator Gordon Smith said, “We owe it to our men and women in uniform to supply them the best gear and apparel on the market. It is so important that our military continues to lead in innovation and technology. By putting 30 years of experience to work, InSport is helping continue that tradition all while providing American jobs. Both the state of Oregon and the Marine Corps will greatly benefit from this contract.”

Congresswoman Darlene Hooley said, “Kudos to InSport for designing a top-notch product that meets the rigorous demands of our warriors in the United States Marine Corps. And because it's made right here in Oregon, our local economy and job market get a boost. That's a double win.”

Congressman David Wu said, “InSport caught the attention of the Department of Defense because its products allow our soldiers to stay focused on what's most important. Thousands of soldiers stand to benefit from InSport's leading research and development in the 'smart apparel' industry."

Established in 1978, InSport International, Inc. has a long history as a leading producer of athletic performance apparel for athletes of every caliber in distinct categories: Running, Cycling, Triathlon, Training, Team and Military. InSport is a recognized leader in innovation and advancement in the sports apparel industry, and is proud to manufacture the majority of its product line, including 100 percent of its military product, in the United States.