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ADS, Inc. Awarded $220 Million Contract to Manage and Procure the U.S.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (January 3, 2007) – ADS, Inc. today announced that the company has been awarded a $220 million contract to manage and procure the U.S. Army’s new Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS).


ADS, Inc. Awarded $220 Million Contract to Manage and Procure the U.S. Army's New Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (January 3, 2007) – ADS, Inc. announced today that the company has been awarded a $220 million contract to manage and procure the U.S. Army's new Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS). As the lead integrator, ADS will capitalize on its unparalleled product expertise and cutting edge distribution operations to lead a team of over ten U.S. technical garment manufacturers and technical textile companies to produce and supply the versatile 7-layer, 12-component system for fielding next winter to Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The U.S. Army's Program Executive Office, Product Manager, Clothing and Individual Equipment (CIE) awarded this one-year contract which includes the option for four additional $220 million one-year extensions. If all contract options are exercised the total contract value could exceed $1.1 billion.

“ADS is extremely proud to have been selected as the integrator fulfilling the Army's cold weather clothing requirements,” said ADS, Inc.'s CEO Luke Hillier. “Our company has worked closely with the Army and the best garment manufacturers and textile mills in the United States to create this technologically advanced clothing system. The Generation III ECWCS program will ensure our soldiers are the best equipped warfighters in the world and this program will change the way the fight can be brought to the enemy.”

This third generation of the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System is a radical re-design of the cold weather clothing system for the U.S. Army. With the goal of enhancing soldier survivability through the development of technologically advanced environmental protective clothing, the Army's Project Manager CIE sought significant feedback from industry and Soldiers to develop this fully integrated cold weather layering system. The U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division field tested 18,000 of the Generation III ECWCS systems in Afghanistan last fall and gave the system a very strong review.

LTC Christopher Cavoli of the 10th Mountain Division said, “During Operation Mountain Lion I found myself praying for bad weather, the first time in my military career I was actually begging for a cold front to come through. I knew my soldiers could handle it and the enemy couldn't. ECWCS allowed my men to outlast the enemy on their own terrain. When the enemy was forced out of the mountains due to the bitter cold to take shelter, that's when we got them.”

Based on layering systems currently utilized by mountaineering professionals, the Generation III ECWCS system uses the latest textile science to keep Soldiers comfortable, dry, and warm in the most inclement conditions. It incorporates seven layers of clothing, including light-weight and mid-weight Polartec® Powerdry® moisture wicking shirt and briefs, a Polartec® Thermal Pro® fleece jacket, a nylon/ spandex wind jacket, a soft shell jacket and trousers using Nextec® fabric, a Gore-Tex® wet weather jacket and trousers, and a Primaloft® insulated loft parka and trousers for extreme cold weather conditions. Each piece fits and functions either alone or together as a system to provide the most options for the Soldier.

As an improvement upon previous generations, the new Generation III ECWCS is 33% more compressible, 25% lighter, and is more comfortable. It is more versatile and includes functional features that allow the Soldier to adapt to varying mission requirements and environmental conditions ranging between -40 to +60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Congresswoman Thelma Drake (R/VA-2nd) said, “Soldiers are the most important component of our national defense and ensuring their protection is a primary concern. This Generation III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System is an exceptional example of the Army's commitment to increasing the safety and survivability of the Soldiers operating in extremely difficult cold weather environments. I'm pleased that ADS, a Virginia Beach company with an excellent track record working with the Department of Defense, will be managing the manufacturing, assembly and rapid fielding of these innovative uniforms.”

ADS utilizes its relationships within the technical textile and outdoor apparel industries to create and integrate the optimal inventory supply for this mission critical individual protection system. ADS is known for its leading-edge, streamlined acquisition and global distribution model that will expedite the Generation III ECWCS system to Soldiers fighting in winter combat conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan starting next winter. With its exceptional customer service, ADS has the ability to rapidly meet the equipment supply demands of the U.S. Army, enabling them to swiftly and effectively complete their missions.

ADS, Inc. ( is intensely focused on providing timely and cost effective special operational products and logistics solutions our clients need to increase their operational effectiveness and complete their missions – at home or in theater. ADS has developed procedures that shorten the logistics pipeline to provide rapid response and the best pricing to our customers worldwide. ADS is a Worldwide DLA Prime Vendor, a General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder and a DoD EMall contract holder. The company holds GSA contracts with numerous tactical and special operational equipment manufacturers. ADS is the 2005 Defense Logistics Agency DLA Business Alliance Innovative Small Business Performer of the Year.

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