Luvmother Joins 1% for the Planet and Gives 1% to Charity

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Montreal, Canada - April 24, 2018 


Luvmother, a Montreal-based company that designs soft, high quality, durable children’s Merino wool clothing, is proud to announce their membership with 1%

For The Planet, and have committed one percent of their annual income to environmental charities. 1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving.

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Sustainability is a central consideration in everything at Luvmother, which places a heavy emphasis on sourcing, ethical working conditions and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Kevin Peacock, co-founding owner, adds that, “It may not be the easy way but it's the best way that we know to show respect for our kids, our playgrounds and for our continued beautiful way of life.

“Alternatively, we could all just run around naked, use only renewable energy and forage for food but things being as they are ... So long as luvmother is making clothing, we're going to continue to try to do it right and support the 'doers' out there that are inspiring positive, responsible living.”

This winter, Luvmother also partnered with New York based textile studio Oliver Yaphe. Luvmother donates cuttings from its factory as a part of an upcycle program that aims to produce zero waste in the manufacturing process. The end result, are hand-crafted designer textiles (pillows, rugs, runners), that Oliver Yaphe sells online and at esteemed New York outlets.

Sustainability and durability have always been at the heart of Luvmother’s mission. The company uses fair trade labor, offsets its carbon footprint from shipments from its factory, and delivers its products in biodegradable bags. It is a small initiative that Luvmother hopes will lead to bigger outcomes for the future.

Muted, natural patterns define the look of the sweet, modern apparel line. The super fine Merino wool is soft to the touch and is designed for children's bodies, with extra-long tails and cuffs that roll down to accommodate growth spurts. The layers are perfect for wearing to school and then straight to whatever fun adventure lies ahead.

About Luvmother

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Located in Montreal, Canada, Luvmother was built on the premise that it is hard to find well-made, long lasting, fine children’s early-stage clothing in North America. Knowing that Merino is a perfect fiber for comfort, warmth, and durability, the founders set out to provide others with clothing they knew would work for young families like themselves. Luvmother was born. The two words ‘love’ and ‘mother’ are packed with positive meaning, nodding to all moms, mother Earth, the mother of invention and the idea that with a little “luv,” anything you put your mind to is possible.

The brand can be found in specialty outdoor boutiques,, Canada’s Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) and online. Contact: Beth Cochran 406.579.7909



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