Light & Motion Releases 2014 Product Line


Monterey, CA – July 2013 – Light & Motion, the pre-eminent manufacturer of LED bicycle lights, has publicly released the 2014 product line. There are several upgrades in the line with the brightest light coming in at a measured 2000 lumens. Besides the step up in lumens consumers can also expect a drop in price as a result of efficiency gains by the U.S. assembly team.

The flagship Seca 2000 has increased its output 18% to 2000 lumens, while maintaining the same svelte 343-gram package. Also new is the Seca 1500, retailing for $399. These new Seca maintain backward compatibility with all 3 & 6 Cell Light & Motion Li-Ion batteries. Like all of our lights, the new Seca 2000 delivers 2000 measurable lumens to the trail, as tested and published in conformance with the ANSI FL-1 standard. Following the FL-1 standard ensures honesty in the product and protects the consumer against false claims. Light & Motion actively encourages use of the FL-1 standard throughout the industry.

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The new Urban 700 bumps the output a whopping 27%. To manage this power, we “peened” the reflector to create a wider beam pattern, avoiding the hot spot effect and making your commute more enjoyable. The rest of the Urban line gets pushed down in price with the Urban 200 at $79.

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The Stella pushes 500 Lumens and features a customized “peened” reflector to optimize the extra output with a smoother wider beam pattern – and now features a run-time based race mode.

The Taz all-in-one crossover light gets a new 1000 lumen model at $249. This is in comparison to its bigger brother the Taz 1200 at $299.

The NEW Solite 250 EX is the most versatile light on the market. It is a flashlight, helmet light, bike light, headlamp, or table lantern. This light was designed to do many things well. The EX moniker means “extended run time.” This little 149-gram light delivers its powerful beam for 4 hours on high! In read mode it can run for days.

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Like all Light and Motion products the Solite 250 EX features “Regulated Light Output”, which means that the Solite delivers 250 lumens for the entire 4 hour run time unlike conventional alkaline powered lights that continually drop in output during use.

“We are proud to be the only bike light brand building lights in the United States. Doing everything under one roof allows us to efficiently deliver more lumens in a lighter, easier-to-use design, than any other brand on the market” says Daniel Emerson CEO.

Light & Motion designs and builds adventure light systems in the U.S.A., to inspire limitless exploration from day into night. We are outdoor enthusiasts who tread lightly by designing and building our products in Monterey, California. We have been recognized for our pioneering business practices and a smart carbon footprint, having been awarded the 2011 "Cool California Award" for greenhouse gas reductions, the 2008 "California Small Business of the Year Award” and the “Waste Reduction Awards Program (W.R.A.P.) Award” for reducing our waste stream 5 years in a row. For additional information, please contact Heidi Hall at or 831.645.1525 or visit