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LA Times compliments Lifecore Fitness LC-900 Recumbent

A cynic might take one look at the laid-back design of a stationary recumbent bike and say, "Only Americans could think up a way to get their exercise in a recliner

Lifecore 900RB: Innovative, compact bike with stunning graphics.

Likes: Dead silent. Beautiful, high-tech console display includes unusually crisp, bright, large, easy-to-read numbers, plus tells you time and temperature. Screen sits low, so you can easily watch a TV over it. To change resistance, you dial an iPod-inspired toggle-wheel that scrolls numbers. Seatback slides up or down; seat bottom can be finely adjusted instead of just in 1-inch increments. At 44 inches long, is a foot shorter than the others. Power cord plugs in from the front or back of the machine; also runs off batteries. At 108 pounds, it's two-thirds the weight of the others.



LifeCore 1000 Recumbent Bike

Fitness equipment is getting sleeker, smaller and more refined as technology changes, and the folks at LifeCore have taken full advantage of all the advancements with a recumbent bike that, as of January 2009, has the smallest footprint of any recumbent we’re aware of– 44 more

New design recumbent for home

The new home recumbent bikes by FMI are now available. The R40-S & the R50-S features the swing arm design done by FMI themselves in Texas. Other features are step thru design and new two tone color schemes. Contact FMI at 866-434-8639 ask for Ed Banasky for dealer details. more


How to Sell: Recumbent Bikes

A SNEWS® Training Center written by the editors of SNEWS® [advertising_display billboard_name="|LeMondHTS|" number_to_display="|3|"] Ever since recumbent bikes entered the fitness equipment market some three decades ago, they have maintained their niche. At first only a more

Lifecore Fitness

Our mission is and always will be, to make the highest quality equipment that is easy to use, durable and a great value to the consumer. We also understand the importance of customer service after the sale. We've gone through painstaking efforts to build the most durable more