Lifecore Fitness products flying out the door

A New recumbent bike with reclining mesh seat on 44' foot print is a dream come true to limited space. The Compact elliptical with a 21' stride and adjustable elliptical motion will also turn heads at $1599.00
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I have been asked by a lot of industry people the same question "How can your company bascially come out of no where and establish such a large dealer base in such a short amount of time?". My reply "It is easy. Give the dealer great products with large margins and support them with service." This will earn the business. Run your company like the old days and support the specialty dealer. Our dealers need margins. Our dealers compete on a daily basis with the internet and big box and it is tough to drop the price just to make the sale. Our dealers are looking for new products that are innovative and cutting edge and can only be found at specialty dealers. We have established this kind of product line.


Lifecore Fitness Inc.

LifeCORE Fitness Inc is located in Vista, California, just a few minutes north of San Diego. With over 15 years in the fitness industry, our biggest asset as a manufacturer is our experience as fitness retailers. In the early 90's we started out as owner/operators of our very own more