Kate’s Real Food Heads To Energy Bar Mecca (CA)

Targeting the Largest Outdoor and Fitness Community in the US

Kate's Real Food has set their sights on California's outdoor enthusiasts. A recent poll by the CDC placed California among the nation's most active populations, making the Golden State the perfect target for Kate's Real Food.

The state, which has the largest concentration of national parks and fitness opportunities in the nation, is also headquarters to most of the country's largest energy bar companies. Taking on the California-based “big boys of bars” in their own backyard with attributes the bar giants only wish they could have: Whole, unprocessed, organic ingredients, hand mixed to perfection by outdoor enthusiasts as the best fuel for long lasting fun. And unlike most of the major competitors, Kate's Real Food Bars are also freeze-proof for cold weather junkies.

“We're concentrating on growing our roots,” says Kate Schade, founder and chief innovator at Kate's Real Food. “These bars were conceived in the mountains for active individuals and outdoor fanatics. We have a special bond with these consumers, and are looking to expand our loyal base from the Rocky Mountains to the Sierras. The quality and taste of our bars is hard to rival, and it's exciting and rewarding to introduce them to an appreciative market.”

Californians are responding well to the infiltration and Kate's has found a niche in the Bay Area and northern California / Tahoe region, with early numbers accounting for a large portion of total sales.

Check here http://katesrealfood.com/our-retailers/ to find a retailer near you. Recently rated “the most delicious energy bar in the world,” get on board or get left behind.

Kate's Real Food: http://www.katesrealfood.com
Kate's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/KatesRealFood
Kate's Retailers: http://katesrealfood.com/our-retailers/
Kate's Bars: http://store.katesrealfood.com/the-real-ingredients/

About Kate's Real Food
Kate's Real Food was founded on the slopes of Jackson Hole to sustain those who live, play and just want to be outdoors. Each of Kate's Real Food bars is handmade, with whole, all natural ingredients for those who care about what they put in their bodies. The flavors and textures of Kate's Real Food energy snack bars are designed to reflect the natural surroundings from which they were inspired. For more information, to buy online or to find your local retailer, log onto www.Katesrealfood.com or contact Maddie McQueeney at Terra Public Relations: maddiem@terrapublicrelations.com or 307-733-8777.


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