Kate’s Real Food Adds Two New Flavors

Kate’s Real Food, makers of the tastiest all-natural energy bars on the planet proudly introduces two new flavors: The Handle Bar and Stash Bar, featuring delectable mixes of dark chocolate, dried cherries, flax seed, hemp seed and almond butter.

Kate's Real Food, makers of the tastiest all-natural energy bars on the planet proudly introduces two new flavors: The Handle Bar and the Stash Bar. Featuring delectable mixes of dark chocolate, dried cherries, flax seed, hemp seed and almond butter, they add distinct new choices for great-tasting, healthy snack options.

“There are so many different flavors I want to get out there to everyone” said Kate Schade, Founder and Mix Master at Kate's Real Food. “These are just two of the many combinations I have constantly brewing in my head.”

The new Handle Bar makes an obvious appeal to cyclists. “I wanted a flavor that reminded me of being outside in the summer,” said Schade. With it's slightly tangy mix of cherries and dark chocolate, the Handle Bar will put a spring in your step and fire you up for more hours of fun.

Kate came up with the Stash Bar while seeking out late season powder stashes, and with this extra nutty bar now being her favorite, she always has her own secret “stash” of the Stash with her. Adding hemp and flax, both super foods (hemp is full of protein, too), to dark chocolate and peanut butter, she was able to incorporate even more healthy goodness into a soft, chewy bar. You'll be looking for your secret stash of Stash Bars once you taste them.

Kate's blend of whole, unprocessed ingredients, crispy-chewy texture and perfect blend of salty-sweet has been sweeping active communities and leaving a trail of satisfied retailers and consumers in their wake. Join us on our NEW facebook page today!

MSRP Kate's Handle Bar: $2.69
MSRP Kate's Stash Bar: $2.69

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Kate's NEW Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/KatesRealFood
Retailers: http://www.katesrealfood.com/retailers
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About Kate's Real Food
Kate's Real Food was founded in the shadow of the Tetons in Victor, ID. Each of Kate's Real Food energy snack bars is handmade, with whole, all natural ingredients and love. Kate's Real Food energy snack bars are created for people who live, play or just want to be outdoors. The flavors and textures of Kate's Real Food energy snack bars are designed to reflect the natural surroundings they were inspired by. For more information, to buy online or to find your local retailer, log onto www.Katesrealfood.com or contact Alli Noland at Terra Public Relations: allin@terrapbulicrelations.com or 307-733-8777.


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