Injinji Performance Toe Socks Inspire the Great Sock Debate

Few people would consider wearing mittens while they perform their everyday activities. So, if having the hands in a tube-like encasement all day is unthinkable, why have we long been wearing mittens on our feet?

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Toe Be or Not Toe Be: Injinji® Inspires the Great ‘Toe Sock or Sock' Debate
Innovator of Performance Toe Socks Proves Freedom for Toes Enhances Functioning of the Feet

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 7, 2008) – Few people would consider wearing mittens while they perform their everyday activities, as the natural functioning of the fingers would be inhibited. So, if having the hands in a tube-like encasement all day is unthinkable, why have we long been wearing mittens on our feet?

This was the question that inspired San Diego-based Injinji founders Randuz and Joaquin Romay to redesign the basic structure and shape of the traditional sock in 1999. Determined to create an interface that combined the comfort and dexterity of bare feet with the protection of a seamless sock, the brothers introduced the ‘tsok' (also known as the tetratsok) – a performance toe sock that allows the foot to perform freely and naturally inside shoes.

“Just like fingers to hands, the toes are crucial to the functioning of the feet, as they facilitate proper balance, posture, and gripping,” explains Randuz Romay. “When the toes are forced to work together as one unit in a mitten-like environment, the result is friction, buildup of trapped heat and moisture and constricted circulation – obstacles that can easily hinder any type of performance.”

An Injinji toe sock, however, encases each toe separately, which allows the entire foot to function naturally and freely from the heel to the five toes, eliminating friction, and thus protecting against common foot problems such as blisters, hot spots, moisture buildup and neuromas. Mirroring the mittens-versus-gloves concept, Injinjis break the traditional sock mold with a design that enables wearers to fully utilize the agility, dexterity and balance associated with each individual toe while providing a seamless layer of sport-specific comfort and protection. The revolutionary Injinji tsok design received two patents in 2004.

Therefore, it's no surprise that Injinji's Performance series toe sock is fast becoming the choice interface for both amateur and professional runners, endurance athletes and traditional sport use. The New York Yankees are currently training in the performance toe socks, and ultrarunners like David Goggins, a two-time Badwater Ultramarathon third-place finisher, have transitioned to Injinjis without looking back. After winning a free pair of Injinjis at a 50K, the Navy Seal swears by the tsoks' ground-breaking design.

“They've helped tremendously with blisters,” explains Goggins. “I recently completed a 150-mile run with two stream crossings in each 10-mile loop in Injinjis. My feet came out in great condition.”

The Performance series tsok is engineered with Injinji's Anatomical Interface System (A.I.S.) technology, which separates each toe with a thin, anti-friction membrane that's both lightweight and breathable. Completely seamless and constructed with moisture-wicking CoolMax® fibers encased in a durable nylon and lycra fiber outer shell, the tsok forms to every contour of the foot, allowing for restriction-free movement from the heel to the five toes.

Ideal for running, walking, cycling, track and field and other high-performance activities, the Performance series tsoks keep feet comfortable and protected.

“I have spent many hours prior to races taping, gluing, and re-taping, but in every case, I still ended up with the wrong preparation, resulting in foot pain or foot damage,” explains James Smith, a Team Injinji member who currently holds the World Record for most miles completed in a Duathlon within 24 hours. “Now, all I have to do is put on a clean pair of Injinji tsoks, and I'm off and running. I have been wearing the tsoks for several years now and will use nothing else.”

The Injinji Performance series tsok is available in Micro, Mini-Crew and Crew styles for men and women in four sizes. MSRP: $12.

Additionally, Injinji offers its revolutionary performance toe socks in several other series, including Outdoor; Eco; Liner; Comfort; and Split-Toe. Other logo performance gear, such as hats and gloves, are also available in the line.

Injinji is the maker of performance toe socks (“tsoks”) for sport, outdoor and casual use. The Injinji Sponsored Team is composed of elite marathoners, ultrarunners, coaches and adventure and endurance athletes that have adopted Injinjis as their “sock” of choice. For more information on the company, visit

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Injinji Performance Socks

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