Hults Bruk Selects Next Generation of Brand Ambassadors


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Hults Bruk Selects Next Generation of Brand Ambassadors

Three individuals chosen to represent the historic Hults Bruk brand of legendary Swedish axes

Åby, Sweden – (Sept. 16, 2016) – Hults Bruk, the world’s oldest active axe manufacturer, is pleased to welcome three new brand ambassadors to its team of outdoor and axe enthusiasts. The #AxeHeads are tasked with maintaining the brand’s 300-year-old tradition by sharing their own experiences using Hults Bruk’s legendary Swedish steel axes.

Ambassadors receive a Hults Bruk axe to test and review each quarter of the year, plus additional Hults Bruk swag and bragging rights. Individuals were selected based on their knowledge and expertise using axes for a variety of applications, ranging from woodcraft and firecraft to wilderness exploration, plus their ability to connect with other enthusiasts through social media.

“We received over 90 applications and were overwhelmed by the extraordinary talent out there and enthusiasm for the brand,” says Matt Huff from Sport Hansa, Hults Bruk’s U.S. importer and distributor. “Narrowing it down to only three individuals proved a daunting task, but we look forward to launching the program and expanding in years to come.”

Please join us in welcoming the 2016 Hults Bruk AxeHeads:

  • Colton Chapman is a full time bicycle mechanic/cyclist and an aspiring leatherworker. The axe is his favorite tool whether hiking or camping, and he enjoys creating things for other outdoorsman, especially if its axe related!
  • Carl Pawlowski’s passion for the outdoors stems from a childhood spent at a Muskoka summer camp canoeing, swimming, hiking and practicing survival skills. Carl's other passion is photography, which luckily goes hand in hand with adventure.
  • Jared Allement is a self-proclaimed axe junkie who has been collecting and restoring axes for 3.5 years. Jared has restored over 100 axes in his free time, when he’s not working full time as a forester.

Follow the #AxeHeads on Facebook and Instagram or visit the Hults Bruk Blog to learn more. 

About Hults Bruk
Hults Bruk has been in operation since 1697 when the company began forging nails for shipbuilding. By the 1870’s production had shifted to crafting axes for a booming forest industry. Today as Sweden’s largest axe producer and the world’s oldest continually operating forge, Hults Bruk is dedicated to maintaining a tradition of quality. For over 300-years Master Blacksmiths at Hults Bruk strive to achieve near perfection, making the brand famous throughout the world. During the forging process high quality Swedish steel is struck multiple times, increasing density and durability. For more details please visit