Heliconia's Paddling WebTV Reaches 6 Million Views in 2011

With a viewership of 6 million in 2011, and growth of 33% in Q1 of 2012, Heliconia's Paddling TV network has not only become the #1 source for paddling related video content, but an example of how to harness the power of digital video.

The Heliconia Press, a leader in outdoors TV and WebTV production and distribution, is excited to announce that its Paddling TV videos were viewed a total of 6 million times in 2011 through YouTube alone - making it the #1 source for paddling related video content.

Paddling TV is an online network that includes dedicated channels for recreational paddling, sea kayaking, canoeing, kayak fishing, whitewater paddling, and stand up paddling. With more than 20,000 YouTube subscribers looking forward to the weekly video releases, Paddling TV has become the single most effective means of communicating through video to paddlers around the world.

"As a DVD producer, we were excited to reach 25,000 paddlers with one of our DVDs," says Heliconia President, Ken Whiting. "But we're now reaching more than that many people every two days."

With viewership already up 33% in 2012, Heliconia is projecting Paddling TV viewership to reach 10 million in 2012.

"What makes Paddling TV particularly exciting is the fact that we're not just connecting with the paddlers out there - we're also reaching the millions of people who are interested in getting involved with one of the paddle sports," explains Heliconia Sales and Marketing Director, Brendan Mark.

Building on the success of Paddling TV, The Heliconia Press is excited to be producing a first-of-its-kind TV show named Facing Waves, which will start airing early 2013 on Outside Television.

For more information, to learn about the advertising opportunities available through Heliconia's Paddling TV, or if you're interested in developing a WebTV channel for your business, please call 613 582 7154, or email us at brendan@helipress.com

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About The Heliconia Press: Since World Champion kayaker Ken Whiting founded the company in 1998, The Heliconia Press has been a leader in outdoors media production. For more information about Heliconia's various TV and WebTV shows, visit www.helipress.com .