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Greg Stammer Attempts Solo Circumnavigation of Newfoundland

On the heels of his record-breaking circumnavigation of Iceland in the summer of 2007, Kokatat team paddler Greg Stamer is attempting an unsupported solo circumnavigation of Newfoundland, “the Rock, in June 2008.

On the heels of his record-breaking circumnavigation of Iceland in the summer of 2007, Kokatat team paddler Greg Stamer is planning an unsupported solo circumnavigation of Newfoundland, “the Rock”, Canada's easternmost province, starting from St. John's in June 2008. This adventure is more than 1,700 miles around one of the most windswept locations in North America. Newfoundland is one of the world's most beautiful kayaking destinations with Icebergs, seals, puffins, breaching humpback whales, sea caves and a formidable rocky coastline dotted with abandoned fishing villages.

Stamer fell in love with Newfoundland and its people while teaching kayaking at a symposium there in 2007. “The country has a raw, primal beauty. Never before had I seen so many sea caves to play in, or so many thousands of birds, such as what I witnessed at Cape St. Mary's in the Avalon Peninsula. Likewise the people are among the friendliest that I have ever met and would literally give you the shirt off their back if you were in true need. During my stay there I was offered berth in houses, inside cabins of ships and inside trailers. While I plan to stay in the wilds as much as possible, I know that interacting with the people of Newfoundland will be one of the greatest highlights of my journey. Winds will be a challenge as will the toll of long, high-mileage days”.

During last years Iceland Circumnavigation with fellow paddlers Freya Hoffmeister, Greg completed two crossings of 90km, and 100km, the latter requiring more than 22 hours completing. Neither one of these crossings had been completed by kayak before. For the Newfoundland expedition Greg will be primarily kayaking headland to headland, and again making a number of challenging crossings, but he will also allow himself to be seduced into visiting the country's beautiful bays and historic sites, including the ancient Viking settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows.Â

Greg is president of Qajaq USA (http://www.qajaqusa), an organization devoted to promoting Greenland-style paddling. As he did while circumnavigating Iceland, Greg will use Greenland-style paddles for his Newfoundland expedition.

For more information and to follow the expedition, please visit Greg's website/blog at or contact Greg at


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