Gibbon Slacklines increases sales force in U.S. and Canada

Canaima Outdoors, North American distributor of Gibbon Slacklines, announces the addition of four sales agencies in two countries

BOULDER, COLORADO (For Immediate Release) - Gibbon Slacklines, manufacturers of slackline kits distributed exclusively by Canaima Outdoors in North America, announces the support of four new sales agencies covering twenty states in the US as well as British Columbia, the Yukon and Ontario, Canada.

Outdoor Marketing Alliance (OMA), the largest of four agencies to join Gibbon, has six reps throughout the Southeast, Texas and Oklahoma. The OMA team boasts ninety-six combined years of experience representing manufacturers in the outdoor market.

Gibbon has retained Nu School Enterprises in Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona. Led by Zachariah Rohowits with eighteen years in the outdoor space, based in San Diego, California. Nu School also represents Veloz Trucks and Insane Asylum Skateboards.

“We are thrilled with the positive response from the outdoor industry. Teaming with this exceptional group of rep agencies with shared passion for the outdoors furthers our goal to grow the popularity of slackling,” said Ricardo Bottome, president of Canaima Outdoors. “There is no shying away from Gibbon and its addictive nature even in the current economic times.”

Gibbon is well represented in Canada's British Columbia, Yukon and Ontario. Servicing British Columbia and the Yukon territory is Rob Downie of Downie Sales, based in Vancouver. Richard Bryan Sales Agency of Ottowa expands Gibbons sales presence in Ontario. Richard Bryan Sales Agency also represents Venture Snowboards and Expat Travel Gear.

In addition to the new sales agencies, Gibbon is increasing its presence at REI. Gibbon Slacklines have been available in fifteen REI stores since July 2009. Responding to strong sales, REI moved Gibbon into all 106 REI stores in time for the holidays.

Gibbon Slacklines set up easily in minutes, are 50mm wide, (twice as wide as traditional slacklines), and can be slung at any height, including low to the ground, making them easily accessible to anyone. Gibbon Slacklines transform backyards into adventure playgrounds with minimal effort or equipment. Slacklining supplies endless entertainment while increasing core strength, balance and coordination.

About Gibbon Slacklines:
Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Gibbon Slacklines have gained popularity with dedicated recreational slackline users around the world. Used and enjoyed by everyone including kids, adults, physical therapists, and athletes of all levels. For photos, videos, tips and tricks, visit for a closer look at this fun and active pastime. Having undergone some of the most rigorous testing, Gibbon Slacklines are TUV certified, and comply with the strictest European performance standards.
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