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G3’s Full Carbon Synapse Ski Line Blends Downhill and Ultralight Touring Performance


Vancouver, B.C. (November 4, 2014)- G3’s all-new Synapse series skis are some of the lightest skis in the backcountry freeride category, with a unique carbon construction that makes them both insanely light and incredibly responsive.

Ready for any type of terrain or snow conditions, the Synapse series skis are lightweight, easy on the uphill and stable and fun on the downhill. The Synapse fuses the award-winning progressive shape and camber from G3’s freeride skis with a brand new Carbon Stealth construction that uses quadaxial and triaxial stitched carbon fiber for its exceptional strength to weight ratio and torsional stability. The line also features a full thickness P-Tex 2000 Electra base for durability, speed, and wax absorption, as well as premium ABS/TPU sidewalls for impact resistance and efficient power transfer.

Titanal aluminum mounting plates provide reliable, strong binding mounts that will let you confidently ski any of the Synapses using wide bindings and stiff boots. Thick corrosion-resistant alloy steel edges add durability and hold a tune longer. A co-extruded nylon topsheet resists scratches and UV damage.

Designed specifically for freeride ski touring, the Synapse skis employ a full rocker tip that floats, drifts and charges through deep snow with ease, while the unique low-rise tail is a welcome asset for ski mountaineering, keeping things under control when conditions get sporty.

SYNAPSE CARBON 109: G3’s all-new Synapse 109 weighs in at just 3 pounds 4 ounces per ski, but is designed for deep snow and big mountain skiing. Built with a low-profile stitched carbon-fiber construction, a poplar/paulownia wood core, and a unique tip and tail profile that tapers on the sides to save weight without compromising performance, the 109 mm-underfoot Synapse looks a lot like the future of skiing, where lines are blurred between downhill and backcountry. There is no limit to how high or far the Synapse 109 can climb, or how steep and deep you can take them. From bold first descents to beating the crowd into the powder-filled slackcountry, these skis will be leading the pack. Thanks to its progressive design and the most advanced materials, the Synapse 109 offers an exceptional strength to weight ratio and superb torsional stability. Available lengths: 170/175/180/185/190. (137/109/125, 3 lb 4 oz per ski). Competitively priced at $899.95.

Giving new meaning to all-mountain performance, the Synapse Carbon 101’s super versatile shape, progressive camber, and light weight will steer this agile ski up and down any mountain. A generous 101 mm underfoot lets you play in the powder with ease on the descent, while the 2 pounds 13 ounces Synapse Carbon 101 will help you give mountain goats a run for their money on the climb. From sketchy crust to powdery bliss, this ski is ready and willing to face Mother Nature’s full bag of tricks. Available lengths: 165/170/175/180/185. (130/101/118, 2 lb 13 oz). Competitively priced at: $869.95.

No patch of snow is out of reach for these impossibly agile featherweight skis. The narrowest and lightest of the Synapse family, the Synapse 92 is ridiculously fun and easy to turn. Featuring the same Carbon Stealth construction as the 109 and 101 versions, the Synapse Carbon 92 is poised and ready for anything from ripping groomers on the resort to negotiating technical backcountry terrain, as far away from home as your legs can take you. Available lengths: 165/170/175/180/185. (124/92/108, 2 lb 12 oz). Competitively priced at: $839.95.

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