Footbalance Partners with Houston-Based Tad Hughes Custom Fit Studio

The custom footbed company makes custom bike fitting even more customized

San Diego, CAFootbalance, an innovator in custom footbed technology, is pleased to announce a partnership with Tad Hughes Custom Fit Studio, a Houston, Texas- based independent bike fit studio offering dynamic, biomechanical, motion capture bike fittings, performed by nationally recognized bike fitter, Tad Hughes.The Footbalance Recommendation System (FRS) will enhance customized fit options available to cyclists and triathletes in the Texas area. Tad Hughes Custom Fit Studio is located at 9414 Gaylord Dr. in Houston, TX.

"Within the specialty of professional bike fitting, what separates the good from the great is one’s ability to work with the foot and pedal interface, the cornerstone of bike fit. Footbalance's system of diagnosing, assessing and producing a truly custom foot bed formed to nuances of the client's individual feet is a game changer,” says Tad Hughes Custom Fit Studio Owner, Tad Hughes. “Their new cycling specific products will allow us to correct challenges associated with client's performance, comfort and other biomedical irregularities at a reasonable cost.”

“Tad Hughes choosing Footbalance as his custom footbed of choice really validates the performance of Footbalance among cyclists and triathletes,” says Footbalance North America’s President and Managing Director Matt Kaplan. “We’re happy to have the support of the most elite bike fitters in the business.”

Footbalance custom-molded footbeds help facilitate proper alignment of feet and ankles which can affect stability, prevent injury and improve performance. Specialty retail shops rapidly mold Footbalance’s full line of custom footbeds in fewer than 10 minutes using the Footbalance Recommendation System (FRS) software to provide a free overview of users’ foot dynamics and stance.

With its North American Headquarters in San Diego, California, Footbalance was developed by a Finnish physiotherapist specializing in podiatric medicine. The system enables the rapid production of fully customized footbeds at retail stores in less than ten minutes. Available for fittings at shops and special events across the US and Canada, Footbalance footbeds support your feet in proper alignment to promote healthy foot function, improving overall body