Footbalance Now Available at Boutique Courir in Montreal

Specialty retailer now offers custom-molded footbeds in two locations

Footbalance, an innovator in custom footbed technology, announces Boutique Courir as one of its new specialty retailer locations.With two locations in Montreal, Boutique Courir has been providing quality products and expertise to runners, cyclists and cross-country skiers at every level. Specialty retail shops, like Boutique Courir, mold the footbeds in fewer than 10 minutes and use the Footbalance Recommendation System (FRS) software to provide a free overview of individual foot mechanics.

“We are pleased to be breaking into the Montreal market with a successful partner like Boutique Courir,” says Footbalance Canadian Director of Sales Christopher Griffin. “Boutique Courir’s goal is to offer custom fit footwear for area athletes and Footbalance is a big part of this initiative.”

Footbalance custom-molded footbeds help facilitate proper alignment of the feet and ankles while offering support to improve biomechanical efficiency, shock absorption and injury prevention. Boutique Courir has partnered with Footbalance to further customize and improve its customers’ running shoe, cycling shoe and cross-country boot fit.

The first Montreal Boutique Courir location began offering Footbalance custom-molded insoles on June 9, 2011, with the second location launching their partnership on July 18, 2011.

With its North American Headquarters in San Diego, California, Footbalance was developed by a Finnish physiotherapist specializing in podiatric medicine. The system enables the rapid production of fully customized insoles at retail stores in less than ten minutes. Available for fittings at shops and special events across the US and Canada, Footbalance insoles support your feet in proper alignment to promote healthy foot function, improving overall body