Eagle Creek to Attend OR Summer Market 2017

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February 14, 2017

RE: Unite at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market for Public Lands

To Our Industry Partners and Friends,

Since the inception of Eagle Creek over 40 years ago, we have fervently supported and fought to protect our wild spaces and outdoor playgrounds. This position will not change. Recent decisions by the State of Utah and its policy makers threatens the core of what our industry believes in. We will not be silent and we will not tolerate a reversal of hard earned designations and overall policy direction.

There are many forms of protest and we respect the path taken by a few companies on this matter. However, we believe a collective voice, and a clear message will be the best way forward. One of the most unique and powerful elements of OR is the sense of community that the industry creates. With the help of OIA and Outdoor Retailer, we hope that our voice will be deafening and will send a clear message to the State of Utah. The ultimate decision for OR to stay or leave Utah is a powerful economic lever. This is why Eagle Creek will be at the Summer Market this year.

Public lands need to REMAIN public lands. Please join the fight!

Best regards,

Roger M. Spatz

President, Eagle Creek