Eagle Creek’s Expands Popular Pack-It™ Specter Line

Extremely lightweight, built for organization on the road or at home. New size, color and set options makes organizing even more efficient and fun.

Eagle Creek, the inventor of packing organization, adds to their ultra light Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter line of Cubes, Folders and Sacs. The extremely popular Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter is made from translucent, water-resistant Silnylon ripstop with water-resistant and anti-staining properties, ideal for the person who takes organization, and traveling light seriously.

Complimenting the Pack-Itâ„¢Specter Folder 18, new additions include a new smaller Specter Folder 15 for shorter trips or smaller bags, a new Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter Sac Set to accommodate different size needs, and bold new colors to make organizing and finding your stuff even easier and possibly more fun.

The Eagle Creek Pack-Itâ„¢ System allows travelers to organize their backpack or any type of travel bag, see contents at a glance, and most importantly, compress and contain clothing and accessories inside. All to help travelers pack more in less space, arriving confident and ready for whatever their journey brings.

The new Eagle Creek Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter items are available at retail 11/1/12.

New Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter highlights include:

New Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter colors:
Strobe Green color is now more than an accent, but solid color visibility. New Torch Red zipper trim adds visual pop, makes organizing a snap.
oSolid Strobe Green
oWhite/Torch Red zipper trim

Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter Folder 15:
The ultimate lightweight system to pack more in less space, wrinkle free.

Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter Folder 15 (EC41172) MSRP $30
Capacity: Holds up to 7 items: shirts, pants and jackets; Weight: 8oz

oAllow you to pack more clothes in less space
oUltra lightweight Silnylon ripstop allows for visibility of contents
oMinimizes wrinkles
oFolding instruction board included
oQuick-grab handle
oFits into carry-on, or even briefcase sized bag
oWater resistant and anti-staining properties
oColors: White, Strobe Green

Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter Quick Trip:
Functional diversity in one extremely lightweight package. Fits all the basic toiletries, with added organization.

Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter Quick Trip (EC41170) MSRP $24
Capacity: 200 cu in; Weight: 1oz
oGreat small duffel-style toiletry kit for just the essentials
oUltra lightweight Silnylon ripstop allows for visibility of contents
oFull zippered main opening
oTwo external side zippered pockets for organization
oQuick grab handle
oWater resistant and anti-staining properties
oColors: White/Strobe Green, White/Torch Red, Strobe Green

Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter Sac Set:
Keep small items organized with discreet visibility for outside-the-room use.

Pack-Itâ„¢ Specter Sac Set (EC41173) MSRP $38
Size: Small 8x6 in, Weight: 1oz; Medium 10x8 in, Weight: 2oz; Large 14x10 in, Weight 3oz
oKeeps small stuff organized
oUltra lightweight Silnylon ripstop allows for visibility of contents
oCarry Clip
oWater resistant and anti-staining properties
oColors: White/Strobe Green, White/Torch Red, Strobe Green

Eagle Creek is a leading travel outfitter, providing smart, innovative and durable luggage, travel bags and accessories. Founded in 1975, California-based Eagle Creek invented the adventure travel gear category, introduced the industry's first convertible backpack on wheels, established the first complete travel solution system and is revolutionizing the way travelers pack with its Pack-Itâ„¢ Folders, Cubes, Sacs and Toiletry Kits. Visit www.eaglecreek.com for more information.


Alli Noland
Terra PR


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