Eagle Creek Launches Program Enhancing Travelers’ Preparation

Eagle Creek introduces TRIP®, Travel-Ready with Insightful Products, an inventive program matching the right gear for a customers’ upcoming journey.

Eagle Creek, leading maker of travel gear, luggage and accessories, focuses on two key facets in helping customers prepare for travel: 1.Having the right gear and 2.Understanding their destination.

Addressing these needs, Eagle Creek introduces TRIP®, Travel-Ready with Insightful Products, an inventive program matching the right gear for a customers' upcoming journey. With this program, and a ‘know before you go' responsible travel philosophy and practice, Eagle Creek helps travelers prepare for any upcoming journey.

The TRIP® process leads customers through a series of questions that help assess their travel gear needs; a main travel bag, packing accessories, a day bag, and all the little things one might need along the way. The traveler is then able to match products to each trip to make every part of the journey as smooth as possible.

With a core value of global citizenship, Eagle Creek advocates and educates on the philosophy of responsible travel. This begins with customers gathering information on their destination prior to their visit. Then, customers can play an active role in supporting various cultures and act positively with understanding. Eagle Creek believes it will make the travel experience a more enlightened one for the traveler as well as ensure they are making a positive impact on the destination.

“We want travelers to have the information to fully engage with the people and places they've chosen to visit,” said Brand Director Veronica Cox. “Our breath of products free them from concerns that center around comfort, gear and safety so they can enjoy what matters; meeting new people and understanding cultures, engaging in, understanding and being inspired by their experiences.”

New for '08, Eagle Creek is rolling out to retailers nationwide TRIP® travel rebates, information on Pack-It® and Travel Accessories from March 1 through April 30, 2008.

Eagle Creek (eaglecreek.com) is the leading maker of travel gear, luggage, accessories and packing solutions for active, adventurous souls. Founded in 1975, California-based Eagle Creek, Inc., invented the adventure travel gear category, introduced the industry's first convertible backpack on wheels, and is revolutionizing the way travelers pack with its Pack-It® gear, folders, cubes, sacs and toiletry kit organizing systems.