Buff® Sponsors Team Red Zone Kids Cycling

Buff® Headwear is excited to announce the annual sponsorship of the kid’s cycling team from Kentucky, Red Zone Cycling Club and Team, starting December 12, 2008 to kick off the National Cyclocross Championships.

Buff® Headwear, known for their innovative, versatile and multifunctional headwear, is excited to announce the annual sponsorship of the kid's cycling team from Kentucky, Red Zone Cycling Club and Team, starting December 12, 2008 to kick off the National Cyclocross Championships. Buff® will be providing custom Red Zone Cycling UV Buff® head and neckwear to all team members and coaches.

“Buff® is proud to support kids cycling with Team Red Zone, and wishes the team the best of luck in their upcoming races,” says Shirley Choi Brunetti, general manager, United States.

“Our goal is to support the next generation of cycling. Young cyclists look to the pros to see what they wear and many professional European road cyclists are sponsored by Buff®. The custom UV Buff® will be a great addition to the team's uniform because of its moisture wicking, Polygiene® odor control and UV protective properties.”

Team Red Zone Cycling's members are boys and girls of all cycling abilities, ages six through 16. With 36 team and club members, their vision is to become the premiere Junior Development Team in Kentucky. While their focus is on having fun, they strive to train in technique, etiquette, safety and sportsmanship by creating healthy and outstanding ambassadors in the sport of cycling.

“Red Zone Cycling is always looking for partners like Buff® that value active youth culture,” says John Haley, Red Zone Cycling team leader.

“The fact that our kids will be wearing the custom UV Buff®, which I think is the coolest products to come out in recent years for cyclists, is awesome.”

Buff® will donate 75 custom Red Zone Cycling UV Buff® samples. The UV Buff® protects against 95-percent of damaging UV rays and can be worn over 12 different styles. The UV Buff® is made from CoolMax® fabric that provides moisture wicking and dry comfort properties to keep you warm in cold climates and cool and dry in warmer climates.

Red Zone Cycling competes on a national level in three cycling disciplines: mountain biking, road racing and cyclocross. Recently, the team swept the top podium spots in the ten-12, 13-14 and 15-16 categories at the Kentucky State Cyclocross Championships.

To top things off, the custom Red Zone Cycling UV Buff® includes Polygiene® technology to break down 99.9-percent of odor-causing bacteria and maintain Buff's freshness. Polygiene®, which lasts the lifetime of the garment, is a breakthrough antimicrobial treatment that is composed of non-toxic silver salts and recycled silver that releases silver ions into the fabric at a controlled pace to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. The more moisture, heat and bacteria your body stirs up, the faster the silver ions are released into the fabric, thus completely emitting any bad odors.

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