Buff, Inc. Sponsors New Jersey-Based Youngbloods Fishing Team

Buff is happy to announce their sponsorship of the Youngbloods Fishing Team.

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Santa Rosa, Calif. (April 27, 2010) - Buff, Inc., known for technical and multifunctional headwear popular among the angling community, is happy to announce their sponsorship of the Youngbloods Fishing Team. Buff, Inc. outfitted the New Jersey-based team with the Pro-Series Fighting Work Gloves®, UV Buff®, Cyclone Buff®, and Polar Buff® to use during the 2010 tournament season.

Youngbloods is a five-member, up and coming fishing team based out of New Jersey, and composed of young guys in their early to mid-20s. The team primarily fishes for striped bass, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, marlin, and shark. They have established themselves as formidable contenders on the East Coast, with a number of wins including placing second in last year's Mako Mania Shark Tournament. This year, the Youngbloods will be headed out to Mako Mania 2010, Martha's Vineyard Monster Shark Tournament, and Tuna Stakes, as well as a variety of local striped bass tournaments.

“Running our boats 90 miles out every week, I would never think once about leaving the docks without the UV protection of Buff® headwear and gloves,” said Youngbloods team member Capt. Mike Sisto.

The UV Buff® protects against 95‐percent of UV rays. With its Coolmax® Extreme fabric, sweat evaporates quickly and allows moisture to pass through the fabric. As a result, any outdoor activity can be achieved with ease and comfort, and the user will be left feeling dry and cool during mid‐day and warm while out in the early morning.

Buff® continues to produce the highest quality multifunctional headwear on the market. The company has just released its new premium‐quality line of Pro‐Series Gloves designed specifically for fishermen. The new Angler Gloves and Fighting Work Gloves are crafted to enhance dexterity, grip and offer the highest degree of UV protection (UPF 50+), providing anglers with a performance advantage literally in the palm of their hands.

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About Buff, Inc.

Buff, Inc., located in Northern California, is a subsidiary of Original Buff, SA Spain, and established its U.S. presence in 2003. Popular for more than a decade in Europe, Buff, Inc. is now distributed in more than 42 countries across the globe. Buff performance headwear is all about versatility and simplicity – one garment serves many functions. Designed to offer technical performance and protection from the elements during a wide range of outdoor activities and sports, Buff models are available in hundreds of designs and styles. The new models incorporate technical fabrics such as Polartec®, Coolmax®, Insect Shield®, and Gore-Tex Windstopper®, as well as natural fibers like Merino Wool. Buff, Inc. has even brought customers into the design process, allowing them to create custom Buff® models at rates below suggested retail price. For more information on Buff, Inc. call 707.569.9009 or visit the Buff, Inc. website.