Boa Technology Celebrates Ten Years of Dialed-In Fit

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Denver-based Boa Technology in the snow industry.

As the old adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention. A little over ten years ago, ten thousand feet up in the Colorado Rockies, while re-tying his heavy, wet snowboard boot laces, Gary Hammerslag, Creator and Founder of Boa Technology, came to the realization that shoelaces were an inadequate closure system for snowboard boots. This was just one of the classic experiences over a two-year testing span that inspired Gary to develop early Boa prototype reels, laces and guides, the foundation of today’s Boa Closure System.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Denver-based Boa Technology. With record sales growth in 2010, strong partnerships and a dedication to innovation, the company is poised to continue the revolutionary product closure development and sales strategy that their partners and consumers have come to expect.

Boa now offers more options than ever before to suit the construction and performance closure demands of leading snowboard, snowmobile and ski boot design. “In 1998 when Boa Technology started, we offered one snowboard closure system, the Original Boa, and had two very strong industry partners, Vans and K2,” says Hammerslag. “Ten years later, our roots are still solid with Vans and K2 and we work with the most innovative brands in the industry, while offering a total of six and counting Boa snow closure systems highlighted by the H2 Coiler reel, HP 42 Lace and Focus dual-zonal closure. “

Continuing to focus on retail education and emphasizing listening and learning from global partners, athletes, media, retailers and consumers, Boa has gained a 360-degree view of the Boa Closure System in action around the world. This valued insight coupled with innovative design is the catalyst of Boa’s successful growth into other categories and unwavering partner relationships.

Says Joel Yang, Department of Boot Wizardry at K2 Snowboarding, “Performance. Precision. Innovation. Boa delivers them all.”