BANANANUUN Makes Its Debut

New Flavour Provides Optimal, Balanced Hydration without Sugar or Plastic Bottle Waste
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nuun, which turns every water source into optimal, balanced hydration, is releasing a refreshing new flavour. Drum roll please, for the longest and potentially iconic flavour…”banananuun”. This sixth flavour will be available in stores immediately alongside the ever popular: lemon lime, citrus fruit, orange ginger, tri berry and kona cola.

“As the leader in the hydration tab market we wanted to come out with a flavour that's not been done before,” says Tim Moxey, CEO. “We're proud that nuun is used by the best athletes on the planet to manage hydration on the go. They understand that drinking plain water or sports drinks and staying properly hydrated are not one and the same. With over 5 years of developing the category, we know that our blend of electrolytes works best to help replace what is lost when riding/running and can also prevent cramping.”

Each dissolvable nuun tablet supplies sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium - the essential electrolytes active bodies need, without the sugars found in other sports drinks. Plus, the compact tube of 12 tablets eliminates the need for plastic bottles. Simply drop one tablet into any reusable drinking bottle and add water to make an electrolyte-enhanced drink with light, refreshing flavor.

Whether hiking, running, cycling or doing hot yoga, hydration is key for optimal performance and comfort. Yet, it is estimated that only 10 percent of people are properly hydrated. nuun's light flavours make it easy to keep drinking to stay hydrated. In fact, adding a flavour to water increases intake by 40 percent, while adding flavour and electrolytes increases intake by 90 percent versus plain water. Plus, with nuun, one compact recyclable tube of tablets represents twelve less plastic bottles ever being made or used.

Moxey adds, “We encourage you to break the habit of using bottled water and try a banananuun tab in a reusable bottle. Get a taste of what cyclists, triathletes, runners, and hikers around the world already have. nuun - hydration reinvented.”

About nuun
Based in Seattle, nuun & Co has been transforming how humans hydrate for more than four years. It started by keeping everything good in a sports drink, but left out the sugar and eliminated the need for plastic bottles. Each dissolvable nuun tablet supplies perfect levels of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium - the essential electrolytes active bodies need to maximize hydration and prevent cramping. nuun fuels both athletes as well as active people who understand that staying hydrated without creating plastic bottle waste is important for our health and the planet. The six nuun flavours – lemon lime, orange ginger, citrus fruit, tri berry, kona cola and new banananuun, can be found in more than 2,000 retail locations across the U.S. and in nine countries. For more information, visit