ASTRAL Set to Disrupt the Sport Sandal Status Quo


ASTRAL enters the sport sandal market, but with a twist.

“Since ASTRAL got into footwear a few years ago, we’ve eagerly anticipated what they may do with a sandal, “says Jay Curwen, VP of Retail at NOC. “Not surprisingly, they have shown us a product that is entirely unique, a clean and simple flip flop that almost magically converts to a high performance sport sandal.”

ASTRAL’s new sandals, the Filipe and Rosa, combine sticky G®Rubber outsoles, a balanced geometry midsole, and well-crafted synthetic uppers to create a fashionable flip flop. It comes equipped with an optional ‘Super Strap’ that fixes the flip flop securely to your foot by wrapping around the heel and over the instep.

“We strongly prefer the look and simplicity of flip flops,” says ASTRAL CEO Philip Curry. “So our focus was to make one in which we can live our wild lives out in nature. We’re pretty sure this is the best flip-flop ever, and definitely the most versatile sports sandal.”

Flops_Posed (2)

The Rosa and Filipe will hit retail shelves early Spring 2016 with MSRP $69.95. Get a sneak peek at the upcoming Summer Outdoor Retailer at booth 38106. For more information contact Mandy Giles at


Established in 2002, ASTRAL has grown to specialize in high performance footwear alongside its industry-leading safety gear for paddlers. Independently owned and operated with a sincere commitment to making products of the highest performance and style for use in Nature. ASTRAL is based in the year-round outdoor wonderland Asheville, NC and has satellite offices near Truckee, Saigon, and Nottingham.

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