Astral Takes High-Friction Outsoles to Next Level with Introduction of G® Rubber


Astral set the bar high when they entered the footwear market in 2012. Those introductory shoes, that used the legendary Stealth® rubber in their outsoles, were highly received. However, knowing a relationship with Stealth was not long term, Astral began developing its own rubber compound, G® Rubber, with a goal of progressing critical outsole performance even further. Now in 2015, they claim to have succeeded.

"When Five Ten informed me they had sold to Adidas and that they would cease supplying us with Stealth rubber, I gained an obsessive focus,” notes Philip Curry, Astral’s President and Director of R&D. “I had to create our own compound that would not only meet that prior benchmark, but progress past it. It has taken 3 hard years, but we have accomplished that goal. All of our lab results have been verified by the most important measure, the hard in-field use of our extreme core athletes.”

Aurora Infinity

Astral introduces G Rubber in two variants in its entire collection for Spring 2015. (“super sticky”) is blended for the highest possible coefficient of friction. It also has good abrasion resistance, does not mark on surfaces, and is softer to better conform to variable surfaces. It is utilized in the Brewer, Brewess, Hiyak, and Rassler.

G.15 is formulated for more abrasion resistance while also providing excellent friction; it is also highly conformable and does not mark. The G.15 outsole can be found on the Aquanaut, Loyak, Porter, and Mary Jay.

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About Astral

Established in 2002, Astral has grown to specialize in high performance outdoor footwear alongside its industry-leading safety gear for paddlers. Independently owned and operated with a sincere commitment to making products of the highest performance and style for use in the water, in the woods, or in town. Astral is based in the year-round outdoor wonderland Asheville, NC and has satellite offices in Northern California, Portland, and Saigon.