New Juvo Board Team to Expedite Sales and Certificate Programs


Springfield, Mo. – May 23, 2016 – Juvo Board, from Stamina Products Inc., recently hired Amy Presley as the brand manager and Shauna Smith Yates as the director of education.

Designed to consolidate strength training, yoga, Pilates and general mobility, flexibility and balance exercises on a singular, simple piece of fitness equipment, the Juvo Board is an innovative solution for homes and studios alike. The board caters to both beginners and fitness enthusiasts. By adjusting the angle, the instability, or how the board reacts to weight distribution, and one’s position on the board, users can personalize the difficulty of their workout.

Because Juvo Board is so revolutionary, a specialized team – Presley, Smith Yates and Jodelle Fitzwater, master trainer and an integral partner in Juvo Board’s development – was assembled to manage sales and certificate programs.

As the brand manager, Presley will oversee marketing and sales to individuals, personal trainers and studio/gym owners. Since she has instructed yoga and other fitness classes in addition to her most recent employment in a nutritional and supplement company, Presley will be able to effectively address consumer questions and concerns. Previously a history teacher, Presley changed careers because she “has a passion for helping others attain their wellness goals.”

 Amy Presley

Amy Presley

Both Smith Yates and Fitzwater have experience in the health and fitness industry as well. Over a decade ago, Smith Yates began recovering from her years of ballet with Pilates and received her certification. Now, Smith Yates owns The Bodysmith, a fitness and Pilates studio in downtown Springfield. In addition to her Pilates and managerial experience, she also instructs various barre classes. Fitzwater is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, paddle board instructor, pro stand-up paddle athlete for BiC SUP and nutrition and food psychology coach. With 12 years of experience in yoga instruction, Fitzwater’s expertise was vital for Juvo Board’s development. Together, Smith Yates and Fitzwater will collaborate to design the certificate programs, ranging from yoga and Pilates to strength training.

 Shauna Smith Yates

Shauna Smith Yates

 Jodelle Fitzwater

Jodelle Fitzwater

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