Roll, Release, Recover: TriggerPoint™ Releases TriggerPoint CORE Roller Designed for Those New to Foam Rolling

Core Roller

Makers of leading self-care products and education launch a solid foam roller crafted to deliver a softer self-massage

(AUSTIN, TX—March 31, 2016)-- TriggerPoint™ Performance, a division of Implus Corporation and leading performance therapy and education product innovator, has expanded their foam roller collection and released the new TriggerPoint CORE Roller. The new TriggerPoint™ CORE Roller features a solid-core design with the signature GRID pattern technology that replicates the feeling of a massage therapist’s hand. The patented, multi-density pattern of the solid foam roller channels blood and oxygen while you roll for varying levels of effective self-massage.

The TriggerPoint™ CORE Roller is softer than TriggerPoint’s best-selling GRID Foam Roller and the firmer GRID X Foam Roller, yet still promotes blood flow via moderate compression to increase circulation, aid in recovery and improve flexibility. Available in two sizes, the 36-inch length supports the spine during yoga, pilates and restorative exercises, while offering stability to roll larger muscle areas, while the 18-inch CORE’s versatile size makes it easy to reposition during exercise to support a variety of massage and mobility routines.

“The CORE Roller completes our offering of a progressive foam roller line that can meet the needs and comfort level of any individual,” said Marco Garsed, Vice President of Marketing for Implus. “From the person sitting at their desk looking to find relief from aches and pains, or the athlete looking to speed recovery and improve mobility with deep tissue self-massage, to an individual recovering from any injury, we see the CORE roller as our next best-seller as just about everyone can benefit from incorporating foam rolling into their daily routine.”

TriggerPoint’s foam roller line now offers a full progression of self-care options. The line falls into two basic categories: solid foam rollers and hollow core foam rollers, and users can progress through these categories depending on comfort level, rolling experience and physical needs. Each foam roller has a different density to deliver a specific type of massage. The solid foam rollers contour to the body to address the superficial muscles of the body, where as the firmer, hollow core rollers are more rigid and address the deeper muscle tissue.

With a focus on education and empowering people to take care of their bodies, TriggerPoint™ offers an Online Education Video Portal that includes free foam rolling content explaining the benefits of foam rolling and provides step-by-step video instruction for using the products. TriggerPoint™ products and education are used by leading fitness and medical professionals, professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and trainers worldwide.

About TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint™ Performance, a division of Implus Corporation, is a brand that empowers people to move better. Our innovative products are supported by simple instructions that allow anyone to manage their own self-care. Our mission is to provide innovative products and education that increase, enhance, or restore movement in anyone who craves an active lifestyle. TriggerPoint sells therapeutic self-care products and professional education worldwide.

About Implus Corporation

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, Implus has evolved to become an innovative provider of products ranging from footcare and seasonal accessories to fitness and recovery solutions. Implus’s brand family includes Sof Sole®, Yaktrax®, Apara®, Airplus®, Sneaker Balls®, Sof Comfort®, Little Hotties®, Penguin®, Perfect Fitness®, ICETrekkers®, FitDeck®, DryGuy®, TriggerPoint®, FuelBelt, Harbinger, and Balega®. Implus proudly distributes in over 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in 70 countries worldwide. For more information, please call 800-446-7587 or visit



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